Fix: Valorant Failed to Save Settings to Server Error


Looking for a fix for Valorant failed to save settings to server error? Then, you dropped in the right place. Yes, simply read this guide till the end to fix this issue.

Valorant is an online free to play first person shooter video game for Microsoft Windows. Generally, players of such a competitive game customize their game settings to win the game. But recently, players are reporting a server error message which says, “Failed to save settings to the Server”. Here’s all you need to know about this error.

How to Fix Valorant Failed to Save Settings to Server Error?

This particular error is very annoying and generally arises whenever there is any server connectivity issue going on. However, that directly means that the servers are on some maintenance process or experiencing downtime. Many players are reported that after they alter the Valorant settings to their default, help them fix the issue. But, not everyone lucky. So, don’t worry if you do not have any luck factor. You can simply take care of these things mentioned below in order to fix this specific error. 

What is Valorant Failed to Save Settings to Server Error?

Whenever there is any technical issue in the game, settings automatically get reset and shows the error message. According to our research, this error occurs due to two following reasons:

  • It can occur when Valorant server is down or unstable for maintenance purposes
  • It can also occur due to your slow and irregular internet connection, which makes server connectivity unstable too.

So, when server connectivity is unstable, it cannot verify your local game settings data. And it fails to save the settings. Therefore, settings such as crosshair, mouse sensitivity etc., get reset to default settings.

If you are also facing the same error, then don’t worry. We have provided the fix for this error in this article.


  1. Disconnect the Game: This is the preventive measure not to receive this error. When the servers are unstable, try not to connect to the game. You can also disconnect the game in order to connect to the game server as soon as possible before it fails.
  2. Check the Server Status: It is important that you make sure to check the server status of the game. You can follow Riot Games Server Status. Also, you can go to the DownDetector website to check the server status of Valorant. You should wait if the server of Valorant is taken down for maintenance by developers.
  3. Check Internet Connection: It is also essential to check your internet connection. You should make sure that the internet connection is stable and has a high-speed network. You should change your connection if the internet connection is poor and unstable.
  4. Force Close the Game: If you are still receiving the error message, then force close the game. To force close the game, open the Task Manager app or directly press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task manager. Then, find Valorant and click close. You should wait for some time and then try again or apply the next fix after force closing the game
  5. Note down the Settings: You can also note down the settings you want to customize or keep in mind to save time. If settings change to default, you can set them up again according to you quickly.


So, that’s it, guys. We hope that Riot Games fix this error as soon as possible. You can then follow the above-given fixes to fix Valorant failed to save settings to a server error. Then, you can follow us for more contents. Also, comment below for further queries.

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