Valheim: How to Find the Merchant | Seed, Mod, and Cheat Method Guide

Valheim is no other than most survival games with a multiplayer segment. Players are provided a console from which several commands have an effect on the game. Besides, this arises the value of the Merchant in the world of Valheim. However, most of us are not familiar with the location where the Merchant will spawn. Haldor is one of the mythical creatures in Valheim and the only Merchant who can provide you rarest and valuable items of the Valheim.

Here you will acquire the knowledge on “How to Find the Merchant in Valheim.” Nevertheless, in the below steps, you will come upon how to find the Merchant in Valheim. Besides, you will have multiple ways with the help of which you can locate the Merchant with ease. So, without wasting any piece of second, let’s get straight to the meat of the matter.

How to Find the Merchant: Valheim

Haldor, being the only Merchant in the world of Valheim. However, Haldor can only be found in the Black Forest biome, but his exact location is based on uncertainty. Moreover, you can determine the location of the Haldor at the time of generation of the world in Valheim. It is advisable to place a portal when you locate him because he remains st the same spot.

The best hand in the game is that if you walk nearby the Merchant within 2km, then the location of the Haldor will be visible on the map. While after reaching the Black forest biome, search in a wide radius of 2km for the trader. Here are few alternative ways by which you can directly jump to the location of Haldor:

Finding the Merchant with Seeds

With the help of seed, you can generate your world in Valheim, and you can guarantee the location of Haldor’s every time you use the seed. All you need to do is to type 42069lolxd with your keyboard, and you will find it surprisingly works in finding the Merchant. Now move in the south direction until you find the water on your left-hand side. This isn’t an absolute solution. For detailed information for finding the Merchant with a Seed’s help, you need to scroll to our recent posts, and sooner you will grab it.

Finding the Trader with Cheats

You can find the location of the Merchant instantly using the cheats. Although the mod is also a characteristic of cheats. However, by cheats, you can spawn the Merchant everywhere you want to. Going to be very funny and amazingly interesting. You can go through a guide on Valheim Console Commands and Cheat Codes for a detailed cheat list. So let’s begin the steps to be followed to use the cheat codes while spawning the Merchant in Valheim.

  1. First of all, tap on F5 on your keyboard to open the console window of Valheim.
  2. Type imacheater in order to switch between the use of cheats or not in the game. [Now the cheat mode is activated, and we are able to use cheats, so we can summon Haldor wherever we want.]
  3. Tap on F5 to open the console command.
  4. Type spawn Haldor to summon the Merchant.

Finding Haldor with Mods

You can use hacks as well to use in the game to find the location of the Merchant. You will need to download Ten_Son’s Mod Pack. It is a very easy solution that combines with the console command function to instantly mark the location of the Haldor on your map.

After installation, launch the game and tap F5 to open the console window. Further, in the console window type revealtrader. Hit enter, and you will find the trader’s location blinking on the map in the realm of Valheim. Easy!

Haldor spawns nearly 1 meter above the ground level. If you wish to offset it, you will need to dig a hole before spawning the Merchant. You can’t delete the Merchant without the help of the mod, so before spawning the Merchant, search for a good choice of place, else, it will ruin your game. It is suggested not to use the mod.

At the Bottom

Voila! You have the way to summon the Merchant anywhere you wish to. We hope you enjoyed reading it, and it was useful in finding the Merchant in Valheim. Furthermore, you can check out our page for gaming kinds of stuff and crafting several useful weapon lists in the realm of Valheim, and much more. Further, for your queries you can use the comment box, we are waiting for your comments in the chatbox provided at the tip of the page. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorite guide TheGamingBook.

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