How to Install and Use Among Us Voice Chat Bot for Discord

Among Us is counted among the best online multiplayer game. It is published as well as developed by American game studio Innersloth. Among Us was released in June 2018 for Android and iOS platforms, whereas the windows version came in November 2018 along with cross-play support between these platforms. However, a number of PC players use a third-party voice chat system to communicate with their crew members while in the game.

Among Us, it itself does not facilitate a voice chat feature; it offers only text chat in the game. The best and most widespread alternative for voice chat while playing the game is Discord. However, some players use other options, too, such as the CrewLink platform or Voice Chat mod.

While using these mods, you need to keep in mind that you have to mute your microphone throughout the round until you are killed. Alternatively, Among Us, Discord Bot can be helpful because they can auto-mute and auto-deafen voice chat while playing the game. Without taking more time, let us directly get on How to Install and Use Among Us Voice Chat Bot for Discord.

How to Install and Use Among Us Voice Chat Bot for a Discord Server

There are numerous community-made Among Us bots for Discord. However, players need to add bots to their desired server in which they usually tend to play Among Us. In order to keep your voice chat bot in working condition, you need to learn few commands. However, all these depend on your choice of a Voice chat bot. So prior to adding any of the bots in Discord, it would be best if you were sure about having Manage Server permissions for your selected server with a verified e-mail address.

If you want to search for a famous bot, then you need to go through The procedure for installation is the same for every bot you choose from the available list. After finding or selecting a bot, you need to click on Add Bot or Invite this Bot link. You will be redirected to the official website of Discord, where you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose a server to add your Among Us bot. Proceed with Continue.
  • Note down the permissions the bot will have on the server. Usually, they need Read Messages, Send Messages, Manage Messages, Administrator, Deafen Members, Mute Members, and a few more. Simply tap on Authorize.
  • Further, verify the Captcha if asked.
  • Close the browser window by clicking on X in the browser’s top-right corner. Alternatively, press the ALT + F4 key combination to close the browser; after closing the browser, open Discord.


If you have Manage Server permissions, then you can verify that the bot has been added to your selected server. In rare cases, it can take some time while adding. Further, you have to read multiple bot commands, and the reason being is they are not standard across the available bot options. However, few Among Us bots can detect your activity and respond accordingly, whereas others may require manual input commands.

So, that’s all; if we have missed something, you are requested to intimate that into our knowledge by commenting in the chatbox provided below. Furthermore, you can use our comments option to clear your doubts and queries as well. If you are still struggling in the gaming world, then be sure to read all the tips and tricks in our Gaming Book.



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