How to Unlock Wooden Spikes in Valheim | How to Get Sharp Stakes

Wooden Spikes is officially known as Sharp Stakes in the realm of Valheim. Sharp Stakes proves to be one of the best structures of Valheim that can be used to protect your Stakewall as well as your captured area. However, you can build Stakewell in the early phase of the game. But for a number of players, Sharp Stakes needs to be unlocked before making the Stakewell.

In Valheim, constructing a house is not enough for Viking. It would be best if you create objects and mechanics to defend your land from the mobs that constantly strike on the structures designed by you, primarily the Black Forest and the Plains. Furthermore, a group gets damage of 20 when it connects with the Wooden Spikes. Additionally, Wooden Spikes behave as a protective parameter to your house.

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How to Unlock Wooden Spikes – Sharp Stakes in Valheim?

To Unlock Wooden Spikes – Sharp Stakes in Valheim, you need to assemble core wood from the Black Forest biome. Further, you will have to chop Pine Trees with the help of a stone axe. You can distinguish it by the tall &skinny trunk. Moreover, they are also found in the Black Forest. You may use a cultivator to grow a pine from Pinecones. 

After collecting the Core Wood, you have to move towards the Workbench irrelevant of their levels to craft Sharp Stakes. However, Sharp Stake will need Core Wood x 4 along with 6 x Wood.

Once you have unlocked Wooden Spikes, you can craft according to your requirement to protect your land. They are prone to supine 20 damage to the enemies trying to enter your land, be it anyone, players, or creatures. The Wooden Spikes will have 200 Durability, but soon they will lose them because they deal more damage to the enemy.

A Wooden Spike will occupy the size of 2 × 2 tiles. At the time of dismantling, they do not spawn any crafting material at all. Wooden Spikes are proved to be one of the best ways to keep your house safe from unwanted tiny creatures. 

Sharp Stake and Stake Wall

Sharp Stakes deals damages to everything that connects with the sharp side of the Stake, even your in-game character will suffer harm if touched the sharp side of Sharp Stake. Further, this will cause hindrance while entering or exiting your house. So, it’s better to use Stakewall instead. The stake wall doesn’t deal any damage to your player and acts perfectly as a fence. Lovingly Stake wall doesn’t require any core wood while crafting.

The stake wall will require 4 x Wood to craft one and possess very high durability worth 1000. The sharp Stake facilitates you to enjoy while standing in between without dealing any sort of damage. Now you have all the information about both Stake wall as well as Sharp Stakes, you can choose the one you like. However, we will advise using both of them. Place the Stakes with a strategy to enhance your game. 

Bottom Line

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