Super Meat Boy Forever: How to Dive

The original Super meat boy was notable for its steep curves, and now Super Meat Boy Forever isn’t different at all than the original version. Although, Super meat boy forever has turned from a pure platformer game to an infinite runner simulation. This game remunerates for the below margin of error on movement with more significant and dangerous levels. One of the most challenging things players of super meat boy forever find is how they can dive.

Now, if you’re one of those players who is finding diving a difficult task, don’t worry. We are here to help. Here, in our latest guide, we will guide you throughout the whole process of how you can dive into a super meat boy forever. So let’s begin.

Super Meat Boy Forever: How to Dive

In super meat boy forever, one of the most challenging things is to do a floating jump. To make a floating jump, you’ll have to scale well the pressure, and you’ve to adjust the height of the jump. Meanwhile, this is not always sufficient if you require to fall very fast, and the game leaves you with barriers even in the first world because there a simple jump is not enough.

But you may dive into the air, and to avoid circular saws in no time, timely press the jump button. Comparable to how you slide over the floor while running, just press and hold the analog stick or press the down arrow whenever you’re in the air.

However, while holding the button, your character will make a sharp downward turn at high speed. You may also try the punching technique to eliminate any enemy. This is useful for speeding up the track times, as the targets for getting A is very tight.

That all we have for you on Super Meat Boy Forever: How to Dive. We hope this guide helped you. Check out our YouTube Channel for more gaming guides and updates. 

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