Subnautica Below Zero: How To Recharge Seatruck

Subnautica Below Zero: How To Recharge Seatruck

If your batteries are also run-flat in Subnautica? Here’s how to recharge Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero without any difficulty.

Subnautica Below Zero is a sequel to the Subnautica game. It is basically an open-world survival action-adventure video game. And believe me! Seatruck plays a significant role in Subnautica Below Zero. It operates as an entire mobile base and also provides air, shelter. But here’s the problem that arises. As we know, electricity is the primary requirement for all of its components to work. Therefore, Seatruck needs to recharge when it runs out of power. Nonetheless, when players find that their batteries are getting flat. In that case, charging the battery is the best option.

But, is there any options in Subnautica to recharge Seatruck? Of course, there are options available in order to recharge Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero. And you can find it right in this article. So, stay tuned with this article till the end.

How to Recharge Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero?

Well, recharging the Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero isn’t a tough job to do. You can recharge Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero in the following ways:

#1 Recharge at Moonpool

Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero can be recharged at the Moonpool. Moonpool is an important place in the original Subnautica. But, in Subnautica Below Zero, it is not really an important place for sure. So, if it does not work, then you can move towards the next stop as mentioned below to recharge your Seatruck.

#2 Recharge Seatruck’s Power Cells

Players in the early stages of the game can recharge Seatruck’s Power Cells instead of recharging Seatruck at Moonpool. Now, you must be confused and ask how to recharge Seatruck’s Power Cells. Well, you do not have to worry. Here’s how to recharge Seatruck’s Power Cells.

In front of Seatruck’s cabin, there are two round slots called Seatruck’s Power Cells. One cell is used for crafting the vehicle, and another one is a bonus used for building it. Now, suppose you have a remote, and you need to charge its batteries. What will be your first step in doing so? Yes, you will remove batteries first, obviously. Similarly, you have to remove these Seatruck’s Power cells in order to recharge them. To remove power cells, you have to interact with them.

Now, you have to recharge Power cells using a Power Cell Charger. You have to use Habitat Builder to make a Power Cell Recharger. Other requirements you will need to craft it are following:

  • 1 Advanced Wiring Kit
  • Two Lithium
  • Two Titanium

You should make sure that you have all the required items to make a Power Cell Charger. But if you haven’t reached the sufficient level where you can find these, then another option is also available. You can get a blueprint of the Power Cell Charger at Outpost Zero. You will also find Habitat Builder at the same place.

Once power cells get recharged, put them in their place. Congrats! You have recharged Seatruck in no time.

Well, it’s totally your choice in choosing the option to recharge Seatruck. Still, we recommend you recharge Seatruck Power Cells as it is easier.

Sum Up

It is better always to keep your Seatruck recharged. Especially when you are using Prawn Suit Docking Module in Subnautica Below Zero. So, what are you waiting for, guys? Recharge Seatruck in Subnautica Below Zero either at Moonpool or by recharging Seatruck’s Power Cells. Again, start exploring the planet 4546B to collect the resources to survive on the alien planet.

That’s how you can recharge your Seatruck. I hope you enjoyed the article and easily able to recharge your Seatruck batteries. Furthermore, if you have any doubt or still not recharge your Seatruck, you can comment below. Our team will further guide you if possible. Also, if you are new here, then don’t forget to explore our website. 

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