Subnautica Below Zero: Artifact N6M Location

Subnautica Below Zero Artifact N6M

Architect Artifacts such as Artifact N6M in Subnautica Below Zero are underwater remnants of an ancient civilization. Glowing green auras indicate the presence of these Architect artifacts and Ion Cubes. The depths of Planet 4546B is basically the home for such rare objects. In order to conclude the game fastest, you need to discover and scan ten such architect artifacts. It also helps players in unlocking the final Seatruck upgrade in significantly less time.

But the question arises that where do the players can find the artifacts? This article informs the players about the location of Artifact N6M. Here’s where to find Architect Artifact N6M in Subnautica Below Zero.

Subnautica Below Zero: Artifact N6M Location | Where to Find the Ground Sampler 

In Subnautica Below Zero, players can find Architect Artifact N6M, the Ground Sampler, in two different locations.

  1. One Artifact N6M is located in the East Arctic biome. Coordinates are around 800-500-680.
  2. Another Artifact N6M is located in the Tree Spires biome. Coordinates are around -100-580-1420.

But you should only scan one Ground Sampler to unlock the Artifact N6M. Scanning both of them is just useless and a waste of time. But if you have already checked six artifacts and unlocked the blueprints for Ion batteries. Then it’s better to hold multiple Ion Cubes found around both locations.

East Arctic Location

Generally, East Arctic is the easiest way to reach Artifact N6M. Luckily, the shallow waters of the East Arctic are full of hostile creatures. However, there is a vast crater in the Lillypad Islands near the northeastern border that directly leads to a Ground Sampler.

How to Get Artifact N6M, the Ground Sampler through East Arctic?

You can follow the following steps in order to reach the Ground Sampler through East Arctic:

  • First of all, head towards the East Arctic and make sure to follow the seafloor.
  • You can find many huge craters as it falls downwards. These all are originated from a large central crater.
  • You must keep following the seafloor until you reach the opening of the central crater.
  • Once you reached there, dive straight down to a depth of 500 m.
  • Here, the Ground Sampler is to the right in the open. You can easily see it there so, do not miss it.

Now, scan Ground Sampler. Also, make sure to hold the Ion Cubes near it. We are sure you must have found it easy. But we recommend you check out the other location, also given just right below.

Tree Spires Location

This one is not much difficult. Especially if you are already stationed around Delta Island, then you are very close to the Ground Sampler in the Tree Spire.

How to Get Artifact N6M, the Ground Sampler through Tree Spires?

  • Head towards the south of the Delta Islands
  • There, you must look for rocky outcrops and heat-emitting trees directly in order to reach Tree Spires
  • Now, towards the southern end of the Tree Spires biomes, the Artifact N6M is located under a huge Ventgarden.

As the Artifact is beyond a narrow aperture, navigation with the sea truck is difficult. But luckily, it is not hidden and is placed not on a difficult path. This simply means that you can dive straight down to reach the Ground Sampler. You have to drive directly to a depth of around 600 m to scan it in both locations. So, it’s better to bring the Rebreather and an up-to-date oxygen tank.


It is necessary to find and scan Artifact N6M to unlock the Seatruck Teleportation Module. If you pair this upgrade with the Sleeper Module, then you can explore greater depths safely. So, what are you waiting for, guys? Find and scan the Architect Artifact N6M in Subnautica Below Zero as soon as possible. Furthermore, follow us for more contents. You can comment below for further queries.

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