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From the house of square Enix’, Outriders is one of the best games trending nowadays. This game came in the market with a vast number of features that make it really surprising and entertaining. This game is equipped with next-generation graphics, which attracts most of the players. Further, the developers have tried something new in their mechanism while the invention of this game.

In-game character is equipped with special abilities which you can use to conquer hostile enemies. However, these abilities change with the change in the class of the game; this means abilities are class-dependent, higher the class, the more deadly power will be inherited by the player.

What Every Status Effect Does: Outriders

If you are a regular player of Outriders and currently playing the demo, you will know about the new feature of the game, which is Status Effects. The developers at People Can Fly have given out a useful guide inside of the demo, but many of us can’t find that. So we have come with a quick guide in layman language.

In this guide, you will come across the Status Effect’s use, and further, we have added the procedure to remove these status effects, in case you didn’t like typically impossible, or you need to try something new. So, Without wasting more time, let’s look at the details carefully.

Status Effects and their Removal: Outriders

The compiled list of Status Effects in Outriders is mentioned below; check it out :


This effect will not allow the enemy to use any of the weapons; more appropriately, it will freeze the enemy for a duration of 3.5 seconds. Be careful, if it is used against you, then you won’t be able to use your attack or powers. Use a melee attack to get rid of this freeze. With the help of melee, you can break out of it.


This effect will make the enemy blind for a few seconds. Nothing would be visible to the enemy for 2.5 seconds. If this effect has been applied to you, you need to break free yourself with a melee’s help.


It will decrease the movement speed of the enemies. The reduction in the movement of the enemy is relative to the resistance of the enemies, and it ranges between 30 percent to 75 percent.


This status effectively slows down the damaging rate percentage of the enemy by 30 percent for a period of 6 seconds.


This status favors the user by increasing the damage percentage to the enemies relative to a regular interval of time. Most often, after every 0.5 seconds, the damage of the enemy will be 2.5 percent. It will last long for 5 seconds. If this is applied against you, you need to stand still, and no movement should be observed for no damage or minimal damage.


Here, one of your ability power will show its effect, and the enemy will be harmed on a regular basis after a periodic interval. After every 0.5 seconds, the enemy will receive damage of 3.7 percentage. Unfortunately, it will not remain for a long time and lasts long for a maximum of 6 seconds. If you are the victim means this effect is applied against you, you need to start rolling on the ground to prevent the player from major damage.


It is similar to ‘Burn’ because this effect features the same characteristics with different intensities. Depending upon your abilities, this effect will hit the enemy with damage of 3.5 percent on a regular interval of 0.5 seconds, and it remains active for a tenure of 6 seconds. If applied by the opponent, the cure for this is to heal yourself in order to survive.


The damage is increased by 25 percent for 10 seconds by the enemy in a normal attack.

At The End

Unfortunately, you have reached the last page of the chapter in The Gaming Book. Hope you have collected all the information needed for the Every Status Effects in Outriders. Still, you are having any doubts or queries, post your questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page. We will surely revert you within a small span of time. If while you are here, don’t forget to check out our recent guides where you can find more resolutions related to Outriders, and don’t forget to bookmark for quick access.

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