Stardew Valley: How To Make Friends With Leo

There have been quite a few changes made to the PC version of Stardew Valley with Update 1.5. They include an all-new Ginger Island, new non-playable characters, farm options, farm animals, balance changes, and much more. When you arrive at Ginger Island, you will come across a newly introduced character known as Leo.

However, you will soon discover that it is rather hard to speak to him. That is because he is rather shy, possibly owing to the fact that few people ever come to Ginger Island to speak to him. In our latest guide here, we will show you how to make friends with Leo in the 1.5 update of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: How To Make Friends With Leo

How to Make Friends with Parrots on Ginger Island

In Stardew Valley, Leo is a humble individual who lives in harmony with nature. He is good friends with the parrots that live on Ginger Island. In order to make friends with him, you will have to befriend these parrots as well. The parrots on Ginger Island have a unique currency known as Golden Walnuts.

You can earn Golden Walnuts with relative ease by fishing, killing foes, mining in the local mine, shaking down trees, and digging up dirt where you notice little circles or patterns. The drop rates may vary, but eventually, you will end up with a fair amount of Golden Walnuts.

In the Skills tab, you will be able to see the number of Golden Walnuts you possess. After that, you will be able to trade these Walnuts with the parrots. After collecting 100 Golden Walnuts, you can get access to Qi’s Room.

How To Move Leo To Mainland Stardew Valley

After making friends with the parrots of Ginger Island, you need to move Leo out of his comfort zone and back to the so-called “civilized” mainland. To get Leo to willingly join you on the island, you need to boost your friendship level to 6 Hearts. Keep in mind though, that he will refuse to marry you no matter how nice you are to him. He likes the following objects a lot:

  • Duck Feather
  • Mango
  • Ostrich Egg
  • Poi

The ostrich Ostrich has been recently introduced in Stardew Valley via the new update. Thus, it will take a little time for you to get eggs. However, as Ducks are much less expensive to buy for your farm now, you can easily grab Duck Feathers. Moreover, Duck Feather spawns have been boosted significantly as well.

If you gift these items to Leo frequently, he will eventually come with you on the mainland of Stardew Valley. That is it for now. We hope this guide helps you successfully make friends with Leo in Stardew Valley! Check out our YouTube Channel for more gaming guides and updates. 

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