How to Get Shiny Nuzleaf in Pokemon Go?

To celebrate the fan community, Pokémon GO regularly holds special worldwide events that introduce rare Pokémon, like the Shiny Nuzleaf. Seedot, the pre-evolutionary version of Nuzleaf, hosted a Community Day in 2020. Gamers can venture out into the world in search of the Shiny version of the game for a limited time.

Since it’s hard to discover Shiny versions of non-base-level Pokémon in the game, this was the quickest way to obtain a Shiny Nuzleaf back then. On the other hand, the sleek orange is one of the most attractive characters in the game. Here are a few hints to help gamers improve their odds of finding one.

How to Get Shiny Nuzleaf in Pokémon Go?

It’s all down to chance when it comes to catching a Shiny Pokémon. Players must locate and catch a Shiny Seedot and feed it 25 Seedot candy to advance Nuzleaf. Here are a few tactics gamers may use to improve their chances of locating one.

 Introduce a Mossy Lure

The number of Bug, Grass, and Poison Pokémon that spawn will increase if you use a Mossy Lure. Gamers would want to run into them as much as possible in order to increase their chances of finding one.


 Pokémon Go will often organize events to increase Shiny chances or spawn rates for specific Pokémon. Given that the Pokémon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary, there’s a possibility Nuzleaf will return. Regularly checking the news tab will keep you up to date.

Gamers can also cope with any Seedot that appears in their path. When a Pokémon becomes Shiny, the overworld map is blurred, so players who aren’t paying attention can miss out. Both Pokémon should be evaluated to see if they are Shiny in general. It would be a mistake to ignore them all.

Interesting Things to Know About Nuzleaf

On February 20, Pokémon GO fans were exposed to the Pokémon GO Kanto Tour, a new global event that featured Shiny Mew as the most recent Pokémon to get a shiny makeover. Given that the Shiny Nuzleaf has been available for many months, several fans are wondering how they can get their hands on one of these adorable flutists.

Shiny Types are exceptionally rare Pokémon with distinct skin tone and appearance. Shiny Nuzleaf was discovered on May 24, 2020, as part of the Twenty-eighth Community Day exclusive event; they won’t be available until they’re launched as part of a Pokémon GO exclusive event, usually on Community Day.

Players have a great chance of discovering Shiny Pokémon in the wild, as well as from Raid Bosses, Unique Science Advances, and Research Mission rewards, even after the event has finished. Shiny Pokémon that require the completion of a search, on the other hand, are unlikely to be permanent, as is the case with Shiny Celebi, whose required Pokémon GO quest will be removed from the game soon.

Additional Info

Advanced Pokémon can’t be captured in Shiny form. Trapping a Shiny version of a basic-level Pokémon and then evolving it into one of its more sophisticated adaptations yields Shiny, evolved Pokémon. Seedot, a Grass-type Pokémon, is the parent of Nuzleaf, so players can try to get a Shiny Seedot and turn it into a Nuzleaf. Seedot is fed 25 candies to accomplish this.

Advancement may be the easier part of the purchase process since a player is more likely to encounter a Shiny Pokémon during an exclusive event (though this chance boost is mostly limited to a small group of Pokémon). According to some fans, the probability of seeing a Shiny Pokémon on special days (such as Community Day) is up to 1 in 24, and the chance of seeing one outside of events is around 1/400.

Wind – UP

The odds of seeing Shiny variants in the core Pokémon games are around 1/4096, which means that Pokémon GO players are almost guaranteed to come across Shiny Pokémon at some stage. Normally, gamers may use a special breeding system and products to raise the chance to 1/512, but finding one in the wild, both during a particular event and later, is often the best way to capture one.

Worse still, Shiny Pokémon do not appear as Shiny in the Map and Sightings views and are not seen as Shiny until the player taps on them to go to the Capture screen. As a result, gamers can use any Seedot that comes their way. If a player notices that a Seedot is Shiny on the Capture screen, they can capture it and feed it twenty-five candies to turn it into Shiny Nuzleaf.

In addition, if a player has one in their inventory, they should remember to lock their game and take screenshots of the ones they’ve found, as many Pokémon GO players assume their Shiny Pokémon are disappearing. As a result, if you want to learn more about Pokémon Go, you’ll have to wait until the next community day.

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