How to Get Sausage in Valheim


There are countless sources of food and cooked meat in Valheim. You can obtain elementary food by hunting the boar, deer, catching fish, or even harvesting food items like raspberries and carrots using a cultivator in Valheim. You can discover advanced meal recipes too, but advanced recipes need a bit more resources to finish.

Sausage is also an advanced recipe that can be crafted upon encountering the Draugr in the Swamp biome. These creatures are soulless warriors, and they will spawn drop items when you take them out. Today let’s focus on the procedure to make Sausage and the ingredients needed for it.

How to Get Sausage in Valheim

To craft Sausage in the world of Valheim, you will need some ingredients. Make sure you have cast earlier a cauldron over a fire, which acts as a cooking stand while making Sausage. The list of ingredients are as follows:

  • Thistle x 4
  • Entrails x 2
  • Raw Meat x 1

You can find the raw meat and the Entrails easily. However, the Entrails are easy to find on the Draugr and would have taken all over the swamp biomes. You can farm them roaming all over the region. Further, you can farm them freely while going through these areas or by investigating the Swamp Crypts. The deers and the boars’ meat can be obtained while skulking around the Meadows and the Black Forest regions.

However, the Thistle is the most difficult ingredient of the three. You need to investigate the Blak Forest and Swamp where they grow primarily. They are different from others, and you can identify them easily by the blue bulb glowing in blue. They look pretty awesome at night. It is advisable to investigate these locations at night, but, at the same time, creatures and enemies appear the most.

This will increase your health by 60 units, and 40 units increase stamina, and the player effects last as long as 1600 seconds. Additionally, they provide- heal worth 3 hp per tick. It is the third most delicious food in-game after Serpent Stew and Serpent Cooked Meat.

How to Craft Sausages?

To craft Sausage, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Build a Cauldron with 10 Tin as ingredients.
  2. You will be required to place it on top of a campfire or hearth.
  3. Further, reach the Swamp biome to collect 2 Entrails for the sausage recipe. Entrails are further explained as a pile of guts dropped by Draugrs.
  4. Moreover, you’ll need 1 Raw meat, collected as the drop material, either Boar drop or Deer drop.
  5. After this, collect 4 Thistles found in the swamp biome and the Black Forest biomes and can be identified as they always glow blue in color.
  6. After collecting all these items, just move to your Cauldron, from the crafting menu, Click Sausage.

Sausage is one of the good meals in the world of Valheim, and you should stock it into your inventory. Eventually, you have got all the information needed to get Sausage in Valheim. However, our comment box is waiting for your doubts or queries, and your favorite guide will gladly reply to you with an alternative. 

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