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Should I play update Rocket League online? This is the question that currently everyone has. Of course, if you love Rocket League playing from your home in this Covid 19 situation would be so much fun, but these questions keep bugging you. Well, it is natural why people might think before updating the game because currently, players are going through an unwanted error while updating the game on their PC or consoles. Players are talking about that they are getting stuck at 100%, finishing things up screen.

However, due to this, they feel that Rocket League is not a shady place anymore. As a result, a few of them already started uninstalling the game. If you are also standing where you think of uninstalling the game, then wait and first read the article. Here is the breakdown of this error and find out the solution to fix this getting stuck At 100%; finishing things up screen.

How To Fix Rocket League Update Stuck At 100%; Finishing Things Up

If you’re also suffering, then we recommend you follow the steps given below. This particular error generally seems after updating the latest patch released by developers. Well, this error is really frustrating. It is basically a message that says “Finishing things up” with a never-ending stuck screen.

Solution 1: Check Pending Updates

We recommend you check if there is any patch updates are pending to install. However, if you’ve noticed that there’s any update are available to install, try completely install them all. Although, the chances are pretty high that you’ve already completed the installation. But, even though you start getting the update stuck at 100%, finishing things up message on your screen.

Well, that is the case, then don’t be sad because we have more workaround below that you can use to fix the stuck at 100% screen.

Solution 2: Reboot Your Console

This is the most important universal fix that you can try to fix the stuck on 100% screen. Although this is a common fix, you can give it a shot as this has the potential to fix most of the bugs and glitches. You can simply try restarting your device. This will clear all the temporary glitch and cache data that create an issue. It is often noticed that just a normal reboot can fix multiple issues like download stuck, download failed, connectivity, glitch, cache, install failed, etc.

Solution 3: Wait For a While to Finish Downloading

It would be best if you also waited for some time as many users reported that they stuck at 100%, finishing things up screen process due to server-related issues. So basically, it might be possible that users are getting stuck on finishing things up screen for a couple of hours until the developers fix the server related issue from there’s end.

Yes, it is looking to be quite frustrating because no one wants to be waiting. But, you have no other option if this is an issue that occurs from the server’s end. Basically, wait for at least one or two hours and then check again. If you’re still not able to load the game and stuck on 100%, finishing things up screen, then you can simply move towards the next solution.

Solution 4: Run The Game As Administration (Only For PC)

If you are a console user, then you can skip this fix as this is only available for only PC users. Anyway, most of the PC user reported that after running the game with admin rights, the issue in which they get stuck on 100%, finishing things up screen is fixed. So, you may also give it a shot.

Solution 5: Try Reinstalling Rocket League

Well, if you have already tried all the steps mentioned above. But, still suffering from stuck at 100% finishing things up screen. Then, we recommend you try uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your device. Many users reported that freshly downloading and installing the Rocket League game on their devices can resolve most of the damaged, corrupted or missing game files. However, if you don’t know how to reinstall it on your PC or console, follow the steps given below: 

For Console:

  • First of all, you need to open the ‘My games & apps from your console’s home screen.
  • After that, head towards the ‘Games’ tab and find out Rocket League.
  • Now, select the Rocket League game, use your console’s controller, and press the Menu/Start button.
  • Then, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button from the list followed by ‘UNINSTALL ALL’.
  • Now, navigate towards the ‘Full library’ tab and click on the ‘All owned games’ from the list.
  • Then, locate the Rocket League and click on the ‘INSTALL ALL’ option.
  • That’s it. Now, your game is installed automatically on your console.

For PC 

  • Firstly, you need to open the Steam or Origin client app.
  • Then, inside the Library, locate and select the Rocket League game and uninstall it from there.
  • Now, please wait until it gets eradicated from your device.
  • After that, under Steam or Origin, whichever you are using, search from the Rocket League game. 
  • Then, click on the download/install button and wait until it gets downloaded and installed on your PC again.
  • Once it is done, go ahead and restart your device. Then, open the launcher and rerun the game to check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Solution 6: Reset Xbox Console

Suppose in case even after reinstalling the game won’t help you to fix this issue. Then, we recommend you factory reset your device once. However, many users are reported that they can successfully get rid of this error after they reset their PC or console. Now, I think you all know how to reset your Windows PC. It’s so simple; just use your search bar and type reset, and boom, that’s it. You just must click on the appropriate option from the search result and follow the on-screen instruction to reset your Windows PC.

However, if you are a console user, then you can follow the steps given below:

  • The very first thing you need to do is, head towards the Settings from your console’s home screen.
  • Then, click on the System followed by Console Info.
  • After that, select the Reset Console option. Then, click on RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS in the next window.
  • Now, you must have to wait for at least till the process to complete.
  • Once done, your console will reboot automatically like a new one.
  • Then, use your existing account to login into your console and download all the necessary things that you want to use, including the Rocket League.
  • Now, launch the game, and that’s it. Now, the issue is fixed.

Solution 6: Contact Psyonix Support

Suppose the methods mentioned above won’t work for you. Then, it’s time to contact Psyonix Support for further assistance in order to fix the issue. They should definitely help you by providing some permanent fixes. 


Rocket League has entered into the next level in the online server-based multiplayer vehicular soccer video game. However, a year ago, as we knew recently, Psyonix makes this game free-to-play for all that increasing the active number of players a lot, this overburden the servers. Meanwhile, due to this, sometimes a player might face some server related issue.

Anyway, you can follow the above guide in order to fix the stuck at 100%, finishing things up screen. That’s it for this guide. For further guidance, reach us using the comment section. Also, visit our website regularly for other gaming updates.

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