Fix: PS5 ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error Forces Factory Reset Trophy Hunter

Setting up new generation gaming consoles is very difficult to work. Believe me! When I bought a PlayStation 5, it took me 3 to 4 days to perfectly set it up. It depends mainly on the number of games installed and downloaded and internet speeds as well.

PlayStation 5 is a new generation (9th generation) gaming console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As a user, I must say that PS5 is a beast that contains errors and bugs. Yes, PS5 users are constantly reporting about new errors. Recently, a user complained that he took four days to set up PS5. But all of a sudden, this error popped up saying, “Something went wrong. Your console needs to be reset to factory defaults to continue”.

Isn’t it scary and terrifying? Indeed, it is, but if you are also facing PS5 ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error forces factory reset trophy hunter, then do not worry. We have provided a fix in order to fix this error in this article. So you have to just read the article till last.

How to Fix PS5 ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error Forces Factory Reset?

As the error’s name suggests, this error forces the users to delete all the PS5 data, including installed games, screenshots, and videos. This error was shared by Brian English, who is a hardcore Trophy Hunter. He said that when users open their console, this error can appear immediately. Unfortunately, the exact reason for this error is still not found. It is very frustrating for users because now they do not know what can trigger the error.

But you can fix the error and start using the console again. In order to fix PS5 ‘something went wrong’ error, you have to click on OK in error. Along with the error message, you will have an option to reset your console. It says, “Select [OK] to reset your console.” So, click this OK and wait till it gets reset. After resetting gets complete, your PS5 console will normally work again. We know it is annoying, scary, and terrifying all at the same time. But unfortunately, this is the only fix available.

You should also remember that Brian has over 100 games installed. It is possible that the PS5 console was not able to handle the excessive use of the console. This triggered the PS5 ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error, and due to which he has to reset his PS5 gaming console. Well, I am not sure about this reason, but still, we can definitely count on it as it is a well-said reason.


PS 5 is definitely one of the favorite new generation gaming consoles among players, including me. But developers have to polish the errors and bugs that users are receiving more often.

So, that’s it, guys. We hope that developers will permanently fix the error so that users do not have to lose their installed games and other stuff. Till then, you have to reset to fix PS5 ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error forces factory reset trophy hunter. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you. Follow us for more content. You can comment below on your queries.

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