Fix PS5 Queued for Copy Error | Stuck Progress bar at 0%

PlayStation 5 is a top-rated 9th generation gaming console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. But it is miserable for PS5 users as since the day brought the console, they are getting stuck in new errors constantly. Recently, users are complaining that while installing a game on my PlayStation 5 gaming console from a disk. They have encountered an error message that states “Queued for Copy” error.

Well, it is pretty surprising for users to get some unwanted errors in the 9th gen gaming console. Yes, it is very frustrating and confusing for me also to figure out the cause error. Seeing an update window when the progress bar gets stuck at 0% is very harsh. Luckily, our team is successfully able to find various fixes to fix the issue. So, if you are in the same boat, then you do not have to worry. In this article, we have listed all the fixes available in order to fix this PS5 error. You have to just read the article till last.

How to Fix PS5 Queued for Copy Error?

We dig into the error and find two following possible circumstances in which this error message can occur:

  • It can occur when users try to transfer the games from external hard drives to the PS5 internal SSD.
  • It can also occur when users try to install the game on their PS5 console from a disk-like, in my case mentioned above.

Well, we still do not know the exact reason for the stuck progress bar at 0%. But we can assure you that this error message does not include resetting the PS5 and re-installing the games. Instead, you can follow the following fixes in order to fix PS5 ‘queued for copy’ error:

Fix 1: Wait for Some Time

Yeah! You read it right. I know you think that this isn’t a fix; this is just a waste of time. But, trust me, sometimes, due to technical issues from the server’s end, this type of issue occurs. So, in that case, waiting is the most reliable thing that we can do. I’m not telling you to wait for a whole day. But, you can wait at least 1 or 2 hours so that if there is any technical issue on the server’s end, it can be fixed by developers. So, simply you have to wait for only a few hours till the installation gets complete itself. Also, it is better to ignore the progress bar, which is stuck at 0%. If the error occurred when you were trying to transfer the games from an external drive to an internal SSD, then waiting is more than sufficient.

Fix 2: Check the Internet Connection

It might be possible that an unstable internet connection is causing 0% stuck in the progress bar. Therefore, it is important to check the internet connection. First, you should make sure that your internet connection is stable and has a high-speed network. If you find your Wi-Fi network doesn’t provide proper speed, contact your Internet provider and ask them for a repair.

Fix 3: Update and Restart PS5

You should make sure that your PS5 is fully up to date. Also, the game which you are transferring or installing should be up to date. We do not know the reason for this error exactly. Therefore, it is important to make sure that everything is up to date. After updating, restart the gaming console and see if the error has been resolved or not.

Fix 4: Reboot Gaming Console

Many PS5 users keep their console in Rest Mode for much time, which can also cause this error. Therefore, you should definitely reboot the PS5 fully in order to fix Queued for a Copy error message.

So, these were some easy and reliable fixes for fixing PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ error. I hope you find some fixes useful from the articles.


PS5 is definitely fulfilling our expectations in the category of 9th generation gaming consoles. But developers have to take care of fixing the errors, and bugs users are receiving so often. So, that’s it, guys. We hope that developers will permanently fix the error as soon as possible. Till then, you can follow the above-given fixes to fix many PS5 ‘Queued for Copy’ Errors and problems. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you. Follow us for more content. You can comment below on your queries.

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