Origin Error Code 106133 Upstream Service Unavailable Fix


Origin is one of the best platforms to play video games with our friends. It is an unbelievable digital gaming distribution platform with many game genres such as action-packed shooters, Epic RPGs, and simulation hits. Although EA is known for its services. But, still, due to some technical issues, players suffer a lot on Origin. However, this isn’t a pleasant situation at all.

The most recent error is Origin Error Code 106133 Upstream service unavailable. Many users in Reddit complain that they are receiving this error message whenever they are trying to play shared games with Steam. So, if you are here, then most probably you are also going through this. Here, we have provided all the possible fixes available to fix the error code 106133. Let’s see how.

How to Fix Origin Error Code 106133 Upstream Service Unavailable?

Before we move to jump into the solutions, here are the few things that you need to know for Origin Error Code 106122 Upstream Service unavailable.

What is Origin Error Code 106133 Upstream Service Unavailable?

It is a very uncommon error, but surely there is nothing to worry about this error. According to EA Support Team, error code, 106122 is basically a network problem. Luckily it has nothing to do with Origin’s hardware system. The error message is more like a code which shows it more dangerous than it really is. It states, “{“error”:” UPSTREAM_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE”,” error_description”: “UPSTREAM SERVICE UNAVAILABLE”,” code”:106133}”.

The error has been directly addressed on EA answers forums. Most users have replied that the error generally occurs when players try to play EA games that both Origin and Steam share. There it is also mentioned that it is not because of an issue in Origin servers. As if Origin servers were down, then the error message will simply state that Origin servers are temporarily unavailable. So, the error code 106133 is definitely caused because of the maintenance of Steam servers.

How to Fix it?

There are only two fixes available to fix Origin error code 106133 Upstream Service unavailable. Fortunately, the fixes are straightforward and reliable. To fix the error, you can follow the following fixes:

Fix 1: Use Steam’s Offline Mode

As already mentioned, error code 106133 is connected with the Steam server’s maintenance. Therefore, the error can be temporarily resolved with the use of Steam Offline Mode. Xrisoth (EA Forum user) suggested this fix. Many users and players were able to fix this error using Steam offline mode. That’s the reason why we also suggest you play with offline mode until the developer fixes Steam servers completely.

Fix 2: Wait For Developers Response

Yes, it sounds weird! And I know some of you will boom into the comment section that this isn’t a fixing procedure at all. But, you no other choice than to wait until the developer finishes the Steam server’s maintenance. In the meantime, you can play another video game. Steam maintenance should not take much time to complete. And once it ends, you can play games with your friends and family on Origin as usual.


As per records, FIFA 21, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Sims 4, and Battlefield 5 are some of the video games on Origin affected by this error. It is definitely not a critical error, but it can occur many times, which is absolutely annoying for users. And we as players cannot ignore such errors—especially the hardcore players who devote their whole time to such platforms and video games.

So, that’s it, guys. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you to resolve this error code 106133. You can follow us for more content and also can comment below for any further queries.

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