Nintendo Switch | Turn Off Cross-Play in Apex Legends

Recently, Respawn Entertainment has brought Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. They are providing a number of freebies to their loyal players, such as a special Legendary, Pathfinder Skin, 30-free game levels for Season 8 Battle Pass along Double XP.

However, this is a piece of good news for a number of players. Disabling cross-play in Apex Legends will be the first thing to do. However, “Turn Off Cross-Play in Apex Legends” is counted as the most asked question nowadays. Luckily, Players can toggle this option on and off at your wish. Here in this portion, we are going to learn to Turn Off Cross-Play in Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch | Turn Off Cross-Play in Apex Legends

Various players don’t wish to continue with Cross-Play. So, Apex Legends has granted an alternative whether you play with Cross-Play on, or you may turn it off. However, to make any change, you will have to follow this guide. Because here, we have mentioned some easy steps by which you can toggle Cross-Play easily.

  • Get into the lobby of Apex Legends.
  • Now, tap on the gear-wheel icon placed on the bottom-left corner to launch the game settings.
  • In the next step, Scroll down until you find Beta Cross-Platform Play, proceed further by disabling it.

After following the above step, restart your game for changes to take effect.

Once you have disabled the cross-play, you will no longer match with the player other than Nintendo Switch. Further, you will enjoy the game more seamlessly without any interruption as you will be getting improved frame-rates as well. The above solution is how you can toggle off cross-play in Apex legends.

You should be aware that by disabling cross-play, you are reducing your opponents to fight-with. However, we have got got a piece of leaked news regarding the mobile version of Apex Legends. The developers at Respawn Entertainment are coming up with the mobile version along with all the fixes to the bugs currently facing by the players in their upcoming patch. The problem will continue until they develop the fix.

Bottom Line

That’s all! We hope your . Furthermore, you can use our comment as an option to ask your doubts and queries; we will be happy to help you out with all new and updated fixes available. If you are still struggling in the gaming world, then be assured to read all the tips and tricks in our Gaming Book.

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