NBA 2K21: Unable to Synchronize User Profile Information Fix


Nowadays, in online games, this type of error seems more, which is quite unfortunate. For example, most of the NBA 2K21 players worldwide encounter the “Unable to Synchronize User Profile Information” error message. However, if you’re also facing the same issue, then make sure to follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned in this guide thoroughly.

As we know, NBA 2K21 uses a cloud-based storage method in order to save the gameplay progress and unlocks. However, players feel that they’ve lost everything whenever they are getting such kind of error message. Meanwhile, after investigation, we found that the main problem is in the servers and not at the user’s end in most cases. Therefore, whenever this unwanted error appears, it indicates that either the game servers are down or appear in ongoing maintenance issues.

How To Fix NBA 2K21 “Unable to Synchronize User Profile Information” Error Message

In most cases, it is seen that this error is caused due to your local network issue. Fortunately, this error message doesn’t harm your saved data, yes this doesn’t mean that your cloud saves are gone. Instead, you can simply retrieve the profile data saved to the cloud once developers fix the server issues.

But, keep in mind that you’ve saved your previous game data; else, you have to complete again the levels that you’ve already completed. Generally, the data saved in the cloud will be revert back once the game servers are back online. So, unfortunately, you have the only option to wait for the problem to get fixed as soon as possible from the server’s end. Nevertheless, there are a couple of possible methods that you can use to fix this issue. The methods are mentioned below that you can try:

Fix 1: Check NBA2K Server Status

It’s been noticed that several players have Unable to Synchronize User Profile Information issues due to the game server. It might be possible that the NBK2K21 game servers are down due to ongoing maintenance issues. 

Generally, users will encounter various issues with connectivity problems due to server issues. Hence, visit the official NBA2K Server Status webpage and regularly check if there is an issue with the server.

Furthermore, you can also visit the Down Detector NBA2K Status webpage to cross-check if something related to NBK servers is reported.

While writing this article, we have noticed that several players reported some problems apart from login-related issues.

Fix 2: Restart Your PC or Console

Due to some temporary glitches and cache data, it may also be possible that your gaming PC or console cannot run the game properly and face several connectivity issues online. In that case, we recommend you simply restart your windows PC or console to resolve such possibilities whatsoever.

I hope you all are familiar with how to restart your PC, here we provide the step to restart your consoles. Follow the steps given below: 

  1. First of all, press the Xbox or PS button from your controller.
  2. Then, from the opened menu, select the reboot option.
  3. After that, please wait until it gets fully rebooted. 
  4. Then, launch the NBK2K21 and check if the issue persists anymore or not.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your Router

If you are encountering a server-related issue. Then, power cycling your router or modem is the best option that you have to fix any network-related issue. So, to power cycle your router/modem, you just need to switch off the power button of your router simply. Then, plug out the cords one-by-one carefully and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging back to the power socket. After that, put all the cords correctly and switch on the power button. Then, wait until all the lights start blinking again-especially the internet light. Now, connect your gaming device to your router’s Wi-Fi network, or instead, if you have, then you can use an ethernet cable. 

That’s it. Now, rerun your NBK2K21 and check if it helps. If it doesn’t help you fix the issue. Then, we recommend you try the last method that we have before contacting the support team.

Fix 4: Check Network Connection

Yes, I know you think that after power cycling your router, what is the need for this process. Well, we said to do this because sometimes, even after power cycling, our router cannot provide a proper network speed.

So, you first need to check if there is an issue with your connection speed. To do so, you can open your browser and search for the Ookla speed test, then open it. After that, click on the start button. Now, wait until it checks your Wi-Fi network uploading and downloading speed. Once it shows the result, check if your Wi-Fi network gives a proper stable speed or not. However, if you find it wouldn’t give you a decent speed, then contact your internet service provider and ask them to resolve the network issue.

Key Outlooks

As this is totally an issue from the server’s end, so we do not have many fixes to fix the issue. However, you can try the above fixes to fix the issue temporarily. But, keep in mind if it is the issue occurring due to server-related problems. Then, waiting is the only option that you have. 

That’s it for this guide. We hope you find this guide informative. For further queries, reach us in the comment section. Also, if you are new here, don’t forget to visit our website regularly for daily gaming news and guides. 

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