Monster Hunter Rise – Where to Find Quetzalcobra and Take Picture

If you want to finish your Hunter’s Notes in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to work hard and explore the secret areas of the game’s world to find all of the Large and Small monsters hiding near Kamura Village.

Rare Endemic Life can be found in MHR, but they are extremely difficult to locate. You’re unlikely to come across these areas unless you’re looking at your map and searching every nook and cranny. However, you don’t need to worry because that’s exactly what this guide is here to help you with.

You must locate and photograph these unusual endemic life creatures using the Camera in MH Rise. Just remember that even though you are in the right spot at the right time, spawning rare endemic life isn’t guaranteed. To locate all of the creatures you’re searching for, you may need to load into several Expeditions.

Where to Find Quetzalcobra and Take Picture in Monster Hunter Rise

Snow-Faced Fox

The Shrine Ruins are home to the first unusual creature we’re searching for. At night, the Snow-faced Fox can be found atop a wide gate in Area 5. You can zoom in and take a snapshot from below the gate, or you can climb the gate for a better shot.

Location of the Snow-Faced Fox

  • Ruins of a Shrine
  • 5th Zone
  • Evening
  • atop the doors
  • Frost Islands, Monksnail

The Monksnail is a vast and frightening creature that lives on the outskirts of the Frost Islands and wanders the sea. You might be able to intercept a glimpse of the Monksnail and take a shot if you ascend to the top of the pirate ship’s mast in Area 8 at night. Fortunately, the ship’s mast has rigging that can be climbed like vines.

Details about Monksnail’s location

  • Islands of the Frost
  • Area No. 8
  • Evening
  • In the sea, atop a pirate ship will be spotted.

Sandy Plains Regitrice

The Regitrice is tucked away in the Sandy Plains, where you might have never been before. During the day, you can drop down to the lower levels of Area 12, which is actually below Area 9, by jumping to sub-camp two and heading to the most Northern part of the map. Further, if you’ve arrived in Area 12, head east and ascend the walls to reach the ruins. The Regitrice can be found in the Northern Bed, sitting in the sunshine.

Details on the Regitrice

  • Plains of Sandy
  • 12th Zone
  • a day
  • Northernmost room in Area 12’s East, surrounded by ruins

Flooded Forest: Quetzalcobra

The Quetzalcobra is concealed in the Flooded Forest, and you’ve probably missed it if you haven’t already visited the pyramid’s numerous hidden spaces. On the West side of the pyramid, you can use the Great Wirebug to ascend it, then loop around to the Eastside. However, looking down, you’ll notice a stone protruding from the Eastside, and the door to the secret space you’re looking for is just inside. During the day, the Quetzalcobra can be found sitting on top of a tomb in this region.

Quetzalcobra is a type of serpent. Details on the location

  • A forest that has been flooded
  • Area 2 of the pyramid
  • a day
  • On the east of the pyramid, in a bed

Lava Caverns, Hellbill

The Hellbill has its own hidden spot in the Lava Caverns that is easy to overlook, and you might not have found it because you’ve kept a close eye on your map and become curious. It is possible to reach the volcano itself through a crack in the stone, but it is difficult. Before falling down into the sea, before going from Area 14 to Area 11, you’ll find a space in the wall that you can scroll through – your Palamute cannot. You’ll discover materials inside, and if you look up, you’ll see a doorway on the right wall. Climb up with Wirebugs, and you’ll find yourself inside the volcano itself. Collect the supplies, then proceed to the left of where you entered to a rock outcropping where you can climb with Wirebugs. You’ll see the Hellbill on the edge of a cliff nearest to the volcano’s interior at night.

Details on Hellbill’s location

  • Caverns of Lava
  • Areas 14 and 11 are linked.
  • Evening
  • Accessible from the inside of the volcano through a crack in the wall between Areas 14 and 11.

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