Monster Hunter Rise – How to Get Twisted Rockbone

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Bones are one of several components used to build arms and armor for your Hunter and companions. There are a variety of Monster Bones available, ranging in size from S to L and +, as well as a Pale Bone, Massive Bone, Sturdy Bone, and an Eroded Skeleton.

Though all of these can be found in bone piles and hunts, their exact locations aren’t always obvious, which is where this Monster Hunter Rise bone locations list comes in.

How to Get Twisted Rockbone in Monster Hunter Rise

Bones are one of many things you’ll find while on quests in Monster Hunter Rise, and you can use them to design and upgrade armor and weapons for yourself and your companions. These can be located in Bone Piles and as a reward for completing such hunts. Bone Piles are marked by a monster skeleton icon and can be found all over the maps. 

When you get close to one, you’ll note the glowing carcass of a beast. All you have to do is approach it and push the button. It’s worth noting that you can collect Ore while riding your Palamute.

Monster Bone S, Monster Bone M, Monster Bone L, and Monster Bone Plus / Monster Bone+ locations can all be found here.

Despite the fact that they are all from the same ‘generation,’ they come from different places:

  • Monster Bone S can be found in the Bones Piles, but it can also be collected by hunting Great Izuchi in Low Rank.
  • Monster Bone M can be found in Low Rank after hunting Barroth, Great Baggi, Khezu, Great Wroggi, and Kulu-Ya-Ku.
  • Place of Monster Bone L: Obtained as a reward for hunting Somnacanth and Rathian in Low Rank.

Locations of Sturdy Bone, Eroded Skeleton, Twisted Remains, and Dragonhusk Shard

Any of these bones can be found by scanning low-rank Bone Piles in particular biomes:

  • Place of Eroded Skeleton: Bone Piles (we found it on the Sandy Plains primarily)
  • Bone Piles is where you’ll discover Dragonhusk Shards (we found it on the Frozen Islands especially)
  • The site of Twisted Remains (we found it on the Shrine Ruins primarily) is the Bone Piles.
  • Bone Piles is a sturdy bone spot (we found it on the Shrine Ruins and Lava Caverns mostly)

Where do you find Jumbo Bones and Massive Bones?

All of these bones can be found during hunting expeditions:

  • Obtainable as a reward for hunting Bishaten, Lagombi, Tetranadon, Arzuros, and Volvidon in Low Rank.
  • Massive Bone: Can be obtained as a reward for hunting Goss Harag in both Low and High Rank (though the chances are slim).
  • Pale Bone – Awarded as a reward for hunting Khezu (higher chance from capture and broken part drops)

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