Monster Hunter Rise: How To Mount Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, there is nothing considerably like hunting a fire-breathing T-Rex dinosaur. However, still, Monster Hunter Rise manages to surprise and delight its users. This game is known for providing thrilling battles with monsters. Nevertheless, Capcom has launched this game on 26 March 2021 for Nintendo Switch. But, if you plan to play this game on PC, you have to wait until the first quarter of 2022 as the Microsoft version of Monster Hunter Rise is currently in the development stage. Since its a role-playing action game, you have to mount different types of monsters to survive during a hunt and trust me, this isn’t an easy task. Don’t worry! Today, in this guide, we will guide you with Monster Hunter Rise: how to mount monsters.

Actually, when it comes to mounting a monster, then you have to control them while mounting. However, there are different ways to mount a monster, considering it a new mechanic; that’s why players struggle. Let’s not waste more time here and directly jump into the guide and see how to mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Mount Monsters

The new upcoming action role-playing game is the sixth chapter in the Monster Hunter series. As the name reflects, Monster Hunter Rise comes with a rise in new features, animal companion, etc. However, in order to mount a monster, you have to get yourself into a rideable position.

You can mount a monster either by using a particular endemic life or by exhausting it with a special attack. However, the first one is way easier than a special attack depends on whether you discover or have the particular critter (Puppet Spider). You just need to throw it towards the monster. Then, you’ll be prompted to mount it automatically by the game itself.

Meanwhile, not everyone would be so lucky to find Puppet Spiders. If you are one of those unlucky users, then you may use Wirebug instead of Puppet Spider. However, if you want to get the monster in a mountable state, then you have to attack with the Silkbind attacks. Now, you might be thinking of how you got to know whether you are on the right track or not. Well, that’s not rocket science at all. If you see the damage number have a blue background, then you are way closer to mount a monster.

Keep in mind that even falling attacks count as well. In almost every cases, a firebug is needed to get up high in the sky. However, if you don’t know, then an attack from a mounted monster also counts. This means that if you mount a monster, you must use it to attack the other. Then, the chances to mount the second one is high, but only if you have a luck factor.

Most interestingly, if your targeted monster is going into a war with some other monster. Then, you have to nothing and let them bang each other. You will notice that after the turf war, one of them ended up mountable, probably the weaker one. Then, you can use wire bugs to control them and deal damage to the other one. If you’re lucky enough, then you’ll easily mount that one.

Key Outlooks

If you like adventure, then most probably you love this game. The primary factor that makes this game stand out from the crowd is its graphics. If you are thinking to buy this game for your Nintendo Switch, don’t just think you must buy it. Well, that’s all we have for you on Monster Hunter Rise: how to Mount Monsters. We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any problem regarding mounting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, let us know in the comment sections.

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