Monster Hunter Rise: How to mount a Palamute

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is equipped with a number of eye-catching features, but the most attractive one is Palamute, a fantastic pet. Palamute looks similar to a dog but a magnified version of it. However, it is very helpful while climbing a cliff or whenever you wish to move from one place to another in Monster Hunter Rise.

A couple of players wonder how to mount a Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise, and if you are one of them, you have reached your destination. We have a guide on How to mount a Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise that will cover everything related to it in a very simple way. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin our journey.

Monster Hunter Rise: Palamute Guide

The Palamute is no different than a mountain canine. The Palamute has to play his role more actively than any other in the Moster Hunter Rise. Moreover, a Palamute is appreciated by the players who prefer to play solo. The canine can be used for defense, offense, and as a mount too. Read further to know everything about this new companion in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: Palamute in Combat

Palamute has an active role in Combat. It would attack the monster or enemies first and can provide enough distraction to enemies in fights. Palamute is not a different companion in Monster Hunter Rise but has a comparatively more significant role than any other. Good to know is you can fight while mounted on the Palamute, and by customization, you can do great at the offense as well.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to mount a Palamute

You will find it relatively easy after going through this guide. We have discovered several ways to ride a palamute. Let us reveal all of them:

Way 1:-

The first simplest and straightforward way to ride a Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise is here. In this way, you don’t need to struggle or put in your efforts. What you need to do is just tap a single key from your keyboard or console. Whenever you wish to mount a Palmute, just hold the A button, and you will notice a pop-up on your screen. Further, you will see that a bar is constantly filling; you need to wait patiently until it gets completely loaded. It will hardly take a couple of seconds to fill entirely. Once it gets filled, your Palamute will arrive and is ready to take you to anywhere you desire in the Monster Hunter Rise. 

Way 2:-

Alternatively, you have another option to mount a Palamute. However, this one is comparatively a lengthy process to follow. In this method, you will have to navigate to the Action Bar, followed by selecting the ability. On reaching the Action Bar, you will notice that a player can perform multiple actions throughout the game. 

However, you need to select an ability in order to mount a Palamute. Select “Let Me Ride” from the options available on the Action bar. Once you have selected the ability, Palamute will come automatically come to you, and you can easily mount on it in Monster Hunter Rise. You can use the R button for dashing, ZL is used to drift, and ZR is used when you wish to jump. Moreover, if you want to attack while you are mounted, you need to tap X. Further, if you wish to get off from your Palamute, press B.

Indeed it is an excellent tool to use, and it can save a lot of your time. It is highly recommended to have a Palamute with you while you’re on a hunt.  

Bottom Line

You will find Palamute a great companion by your side and would prove to be the best warrior in the fight against monsters that spawn with smaller minions or monsters. The Palamute will keep distracting the smaller ones while you are busy with the main boss.

That’s all! We’re having so far for How to mount a Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise. Furthermore, you can use our chatbox to ask your queries or doubts, if any. We will be happy to help you out with our new and latest fixes available. However, if you are still struggling in the world of gaming, then ensure yourself to read all the tips and tricks regularly in our The Gaming Book.

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