Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Magnamalo

Monster Hunter Rise

The mythical Japanese look of the game makes it more attractive and give a euphoric feeling. The Magnamalo monster looks to be based upon a legendary tiger–Raikou character from Pokemon GO. Its poisonous purple hide is magnified by its sharp carapace. It’s a fearsome monster, truly deserve a spot on the Monster Hunter Rise cover. However, if you want to mount this monster, then you have to defeat him first. As we know, Magnamalo has a sharp carapace, so it is really challenging to beat him. But guess what? We have described some easy tricks in this article, “Monster Hunter Rise: how to beat Magnamalo“. So, let’s see how to defeat this armoured monster easily. 

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Magnamalo

Magnamalo monster, causing the latest Rampage, an event that provokes the territorial monsters to attack Kamura Village. If you really want to beat this monster, then you must take your friends and battle against this creature. But, you only have 15 minutes to complete the battle before returning to Kamura Village; else, the quest fails.

In the beginning, on your Nintendo Switch, you have to press the joystick in a downward direction to get the location of Magnamalo. However, in Monster Hunter Rise, there are plenty of alternatives out there for you to hunting down the monsters repeatedly for loot. Now, you’ll notice a red arrow that direct you towards the location where you find out Magnamalo.

It has plenty of grabs and melee strikes, but most importantly, the signature attacks revolve around its hellfire explosions. However, there are a few points your need to follow in order to defeat the Magnamalo, such as: –

  • Collect Spiritbirds
  • Wyvern Riding Is Key
  • Don’t go aggressive when Magnamalo is enraged
  • Prioritize avoiding big attacks
  • Use Endemic Life to your advantage
  • Always have an extra wirebug for evasion and wirefall
  • Get rid of Hellfireblight

#1 Collect Spiritbirds

Collect more and more Spiritbirds because it is incredibly important and help you to boost up your health while fighting against Magnamalo, who does a lot of damage.

#2 Wyvern Riding Is Key

In Demo 2, there is a 15 minutes time boundation to defeat the Magnamalo. Considering the extraordinary powers of Magnamalo, it would be great if you bring other monsters such as Rathian and Mizutsune into the fight to deal with big damages. Mizutsune plays a vital role to beat the Magnamalo since it’s water against water, but that means that we ignore the fire and poison power of Rathian.

#3 Don’t go Aggressive When Magnamalo is Enraged

While fighting against you, Magnamalo gets furious and starts to change in the enraged state in which on his back bigger spikes are coming out along with a reddish-purple hellfire on its body. So, it is very important when Magnamalo is enraged; make sure you don’t go aggressive because its attack power is increased much higher in this state.

#4 Prioritize Avoiding Big Attacks

It is most important to evade the attacks, especially when Magnamalo enraged and go for big attacks such as Hellfire explosion or Divebomb explosion. If you find yourself on the way of these attacks, you must first prioritize getting out of these attacks. At the instant, you can dodge the attacks by sprinting away and if you’re very close to Magnamalo, then press B.

#5 Use Endemic Life to Your Advantage

You may use all techniques to defeat the Magnamalo, and Endemic life is among one of those technique. If you use the Puppet Spiders, then you can easily ride another monster and fight against this creature. Meanwhile, the possibilities to defeat the Magnamalo are endless. Some of the Endemic Life are Stinkmink, Wailnard, Puppet Spider, Mudbeetle, Thunderbeetle, Blastoad.

#6 Always Have an Extra Wirebug for Evasion and Wirefall

As we know that, the Magnamalo hits really hard and fast, so reserving an extra wirebug for evasion and wirefall will help you to use any Silkbind attack effectively. If you don’t know how to get an extra Wirebug, then you can easily get it by approaching wild wire bugs found in every area.

#7 Avoid Hellfire Dust by Going Towards Magnamalo

When Magnamalo attacks you using Hellfire, then it creates a ring of Hellfire dust around it so, if you want to get rid of these ring of Hellfire dust by going closer to Magnamalo.

#8 Get Rid of Hellfireblight

There are three methods to get rid of Hellfireblight Wiredash, Evade, Deodorant. Wiredash ca be executed using ZL + X / A / R. You can evade the Hellfireblight by simply rolling five times. This will let you go away from this attack. If you want to stay away from the Hellfireblight, you can use the deodorant from the item box or the tent; this will instantly help you get rid of the Hellfireblight.

Follow the points mentioned above, you’ll surely able defeat the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise. If you find anything useful in this guide, let us know in the comment section. That’s all we have for you on Monster Hunter Rise: how to beat Magnamalo. We hope this guide helped you.



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