Fix Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups

Metro Exodus is a great game set in a country like Russia. However, it is very irritating to hear that the game has a number of bugs that need the attention of the developers. Although it is going to be a couple of years since the game is launched, still the bugs haven’t been fixed yet. The bug constantly crashes the game when using the shovel in the Caspian sea and whenever you try to access the lighthouse.

As the game is being in trend again, so new players are facing these errors all over again. However, if Metro Exodus crashes and lockups on your PC, Nothing to worry about. We have gathered multiple resolutions to fix Metro Exodus crashing issues. Further, what you need to do is to stick to this post until you fix Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups. Let us begin our journey.

Fix: Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups

For a number of players facing a Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups issue, the simplest way to fix it is to avoid the use of a Shovel or anything that triggers the game to crash. However, for Metro Exodus crashing at the Caspian Sea would be fixed by disabling fullscreen optimization. Moreover, we have listed a couple of alternatives; just try them one by one until you find your issue fixed.

Install the Latest Patch

If your software version is outdated, it may invite many buggy issues while you are using the software, and Metro Exodus is not an exception. The reason being why software developers keep on releasing new patches to fix bugs and issues and improve their performance.

So, it would be helpful if you regularly check for updates for Metro Exodus. Proceed with installing them as soon as they become available for you. When the install is finished, restart your PC and run Metro Exodus to check whether the game stops crashing or not. If your issue isn’t resolved, move on to our next fix.

Update Graphics Card Driver

Check for updates for your drivers on your PC. If your drivers are outdated, specifically your graphics card driver, your game is likely to crash while in the middle of play. Try updating your Graphics Card Drivers to the latest version to fix this issue.

Download and Install the Driver manually

To work efficiently for your driver, the device manufacturers provide regular updates to their drivers. In order to update your driver manually, you need to visit the official website of the manufacturer of your graphics card. Further, you need to sort out the driver of your choice, which is compatible with your Windows version. Proceed with downloading the drivers manually.

Further, you need to wait for the download to finish once it’s done. Open the Downloads folder and search for your downloaded driver. Double click in the file and go through the on-screen instruction in order to update your graphics card driver to the latest version available. Once installed, check for Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups, whether fixed or not. If not fixed yet, then you may jump to the next fix provided below.

Download and Install the Driver Automatically

If you don’t want to do all such things to update your driver, you can install your drivers automatically through windows update. What you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch ‘Settings’ by clicking on the Windows icon at the lower-left corner of your screen. Proceed further by selecting the gear wheel icon just above the power icon. Alternatively, you can tap the Win key and press the I button from your keyboard while holding the Win key. You will reach directly into the Settings tab.
  • Once you have opened Settings, you need to search for ‘Updates and Security.’ After getting Updates and Security, you need to look for Windows Updates.
  • When you are in the Windows Update tab, click on ‘Check for Updates’ in order to see if any updates are available either for Windows or for your graphics card.
  • At last, if you have found any update regarding your concern, click on ‘Download.’ If your PC is up to date, then Windows will notify you about it. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

You have successfully updated your driver version along with other relevant updates. However, if your issue with Fix Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups is not resolved, you have to go for the next fix.

Prevent Overclocking your CPU

If you heard from somewhere that overclocking will improve your gaming and you aggressively overclocked your CPU. This is one of the roots of your current Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups error. What happens in this is you just clock your CPU at a higher speed than their official speed rate. However, this may become one of the root cause for your game to freeze or crash.

In order to fix this issue, you need to reset the clock speed of your CPU to default. Therefore you have resolved your problem related to Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups. If still your issue isn’t resolved, then you need to check the next one, which will surely resolve your issue.

Switch to DX11 in your Game Settings

Sad to hear from you that none of the above fixes helped to resolve your issue. Luckily! this fix works like a charm for a number of players who have the same crashing issue in Metro Exodus. So, giving it a try is really worth your time when you are running on DirectX 12 for Metro Exodus. Follow the instructions given below:

If the game is running, then try the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate into “Options” in Metro Exodus.
  2. In the options menu, search for “Video” followed by “DirectX.”
  3. On reaching “DirectX”, select “DirectX 11.” Now click on save your changes.
  4. Restart your game in order for changes to take effect.

I hope it worked this time. Secondly, if you aren’t able to open the game, then what to do? Follow the steps given below, and you can resolve the issue for Fix Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups.

If the game isn’t opening

  1. Open Steam, and further, you will need to login into your Steam account.
  2. Once you have logged in to your account, proceed with a click on ‘Library.”
  3.  Now, right click on Metro Exodus followed by “Properties” on the bottom of the menu.
  4. Toggle in the General tab and proceed to click on “Set Launch Option.”
  5. With the help of your keyboard, type “dxlevel110” in the typing area. Click Ok to proceed.
  6. Save your changes and proceed to restart your PC in order for changes to take effect.

Now after a restart, run the game Metro Exodus and check if this fix worked for you. Anyways we have another fix if this didn’t work for you.

Nether down the in-game video settings

If your system’s graphics are too high, undoubtedly, your game will keep on crashing because your PC hardware will fail to meet the graphics requisite configured in the game. So, you are directed to lower down the in-game graphics settings in order to fix the Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups issues.

For instance, sometimes, the in-game resolution is higher than the maximum supported monitor resolution of your system. You need to lower down some of the settings like Motion Blur, Quality, and Ray Tracing. Also, you can try VSync off or Hairworks, or both. You have fixed Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups.

Reinstall Metro Exodus

If you are still facing the same issue of Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups, you are left with the only ultimate solution to Reinstall. The first and foremost step is to Uninstall your Metro Exodus completely. So, get into the Control Panel from the Start menu. Proceed with “Programa and Features.” Now choose Metro Exodus and click on uninstall. Once the uninstalling is finished. Now visit the official site of Metro Exodus and download it. Proceed with the fresh installation. Ultimately, your issue with Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups is resolved. Now you can enjoy playing it again.

Key Outlooks

That’s all! We’re having so far for your issue concerned about Metro Exodus Crashing and Lockups. Furthermore, you are free to use our comments option to ask your doubts and queries; we’ll be happy to help you out with the new and latest fixes. However, if you are still struggling in the realm of gaming, then ensure yourself to read all the tips and tricks in our The Gaming Book.

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