Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies

Loop Hero is all about the combination of tiles, Synergies, and their placement which will evolve exciting and surprising outcomes which player can harvest in the vital part of the game. Try Combining different tiles in Loop Hero to farm more extra resources and acquire the best weaponry to defeat The Lich. Placing cards randomly or putting cards besides some specific ones might generate an enhanced tile, or it may evolve a completely new tile; all this is part of the mystery and charm of the game.

If you want to know the best tile combinations and Synergies in Loop Hero, have an eager eye on this article. It would be best to try these combinations in-game and work them into your strategy to make your runs numerously effective and efficient. If you are a newbie, Go through our recent posts regarding Loop Hero and enjoy them.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies

While Loop Hero’s concept might be simple, the list of tile combinations is long and varied. However, we have dived dipper and listed a number of useful combinations to over-power the players while killing the Lich in the Loop Hero. All you need to do is check out your deck and make sure that you have the essential cards to create the best tile combination and synergies in Loop Hero. Let us begin our journey:

Blood Path

A Blood path is a combination of two battlefield tiles placed next to each other. They use to spawn a blood clot periodically after every 4 days. It is advisable to put them nearby the camp to immediately claim your chest and bonuses after completing a loop.

Blooming Meadows

It is invented when the Meadows card is placed next to Mountains, Rocks, or a Treasury; this will offer you healing worth 3 HP a day.

Count’s Lands

Placing a Village beside the Vampire Mansion card results in a Ransacked Village for a number of three loops after that it turns into the Count’s land. However, this fills your health more rapidly per loop and ends with gifting you better quest rewards.

Burned Forest

Placing a Storm Temple in the path of the forest will burn the forest. Burned Forests will grant you +0.5 Magic Damage, this acts as bonus damage on top of your base damage. We have found one of the best tile combinations or synergies in Loop Hero to date.

Goblin Camp

Placing ten adjacent Mountains or Rock cards will spawn a goblin camp at any random place of the loop.

Goblin Lookout Post

Place a Goblin Outpost next to Swamp will form a Goblin Lookout Post. This helps the player to add a Goblin Archer to the Title.

Hungry Grove

Place a grove in the path of a Blood Grove, proceed with the destruction of Grove with the help of an Oblivion card will generate a Hungry Grove. Occasionally, it can kill a hero and swallow any enemy below 20% HP immediately. Alternatively, you can make a Hungry Grove, just by placing two Blood Groves close together.

Mountain Peak

Mountain Peak can be spawned by placing mountain or rock tiles in a three-by-three grid. This favors the hero with 120 HP and is spawning Harpies on a regular interval of two days.

Overgrown Fields

Place a Wheat Fields card beside the village card. Proceed with destroying the Village with an Oblivion card will spawn Scarecrow enemies and Blade Grass.


Placing a road in the path of a river will create a Reed, further, it can spawn Fishman enemies.

Sand Dunes

Sand Dune tiles are placed beside rivers for enhanced effects.


Place Battlefield beside a river will generate a shipwreck, spawning siren enemies, and spawning chest possibilities.

Training Dummy Village

Put a Forest or Thicket near a Village will make a Training Dummy Village.


Encircle the Treasury by 8 resource cards like Meadows, Rocks, or Mountains will happen numerous extra resources that scale with the loop level.


A town can be created by placing 5 suburbs down in an X shape.

Grove + Vampire Mansion

Placing a grove next to a Vampire Mansion can spawn Blood Golem enemies.

Swamp + Vampire Mansion

Be cautious because putting Vampires that spawn in a swamp tile will not be able to heal themselves by their Vampirism property.

You should be known of the fact that the above list is incomplete, you need to visit this page on a regular basis because we keep on updating this, and you may get new combinations on your next visit. If you have any doubts regarding Loop Hero, please feel free to contact us via our comment section. Moreover, you can go through our page and can get information related to various games.

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