Loop Hero Resource Guide

Loop Hero is a good example of why a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover. This is because you cannot survive without gathering enough resources in the game. These materials include building blocks, which further help in settlements along with increasing your abilities and unlock new tiles. For that, you definitely need a Loop hero resource guide.

One of the primary objectives of Loop Hero is to expand and upgrade. Consequently, you are going to need a lot of resources. Now, if you are wondering how to do so, well, here’s our Loop Hero resource guide that will help you gather a lot of resources.

Loop Hero Resource Guide

Food Supply 

It is cooked by collecting 12 Rations. You can claim a Ration each time for placing each meadow tile. Occasionally you may collect rations while passing through a village, or complete food supplies can be obtained by fighting on Battlegrounds.

Preserved Rock 

You can prepare this by combining 10 Preserved Pebbles. Preserved Pebbles are earned by placing Mountain tiles and Rock, or you can get them by passing through Cemetry tile. You can earn a bunch of Preserve Pebbles, but you need to create a Mountain Top.

Stable Wood

Composed by earning 12 Stable Branches. You can collect Stable Branches by moving through Groves.

Stable Metal

It is formed by collecting 13 Scrap Metals. Placing Rock cards and Meadow around a Treasury may reward you with Scrap Metals. Alternatively, Scrap Metals can also be obtained by accumulating excess weapons, armor, or even by excess-filling your inventory.

Book of Memories

In order to create a Book of Memories, you will require 10 memory fragments. Memory Fragments can be collected by moving through a Cemetery but possible only if Cemetry is built at camp. Alternatively, Fragments can be gathered if your cards overfill and they begin to destroy. Every destroyed card will provide you a memory fragment.


It can be obtained by earning 20 Noticeable Change. Further, altering tile combinations like placing Rocks nearby Meadows to create Blooming Meadows will supply you with Noticeable Change.

Orb of Immortality

After defeating chapter bosses like Destroying the Lich will reward you with the Orb of Immortality.

Orb of Unity

The combination of 10 Shapeless Mass will result in an Orb of Unity. However, Various enemies of a level equal to two or higher are likely to drop shapeless mass. Most often, Liquid or Swarm type enemies release the Orb of Unity.

Orb of Expansion

Most often, it is earned by defeating more than four monsters in a particular fight. Orb of expansion is mostly earned by attacking Vampire Mansions near the village as by the attack they spawn a Vampire along with four Ghouls. Keep in mind the probability of getting an Orb of expansion increases with the increase in the number of enemies in the fight.

Orb of Evolution

This can be extracted after destroying living or Plant type enemies. Bandits are the best suitable for living enemies, and they appear after every two villages are placed on the loop.

Orb of Afterlife

Orb of Afterlife is formed by a combination of 10 Pitful Remains. Most often, you can receive Pitful Remains from the enemies as drops in the second level of the game or higher.

Orb of Crafts

Orb of Craft requires 10 Craft Fragments. Defeating enemies in the second level of the game or higher drop Craft Fragments randomly.

Astral Orb

Astral Orb is earned by conquering Mage and Cosmic-type enemies. However, destroying Goblin Camp gives rise to Dark slimes, and by farming Dark Slimes, you can get an astral orb easily.

The chances of dropping a resource of Orb increases with the progress in the game, so this means that the player needs to practice and get their hands on the core gameplay loop.

At the Bottom

Loop Hero is one of them, where you can spend hours in the gameplay without getting bored, is full of innovation and mystery as well. If we discuss graphics, then it is good enough to be loved, but the sound effect is amazing. Overall, it is undoubtedly a perfect game to be played in your leisure time.

However, after getting into it, your enjoyment will be at its peak, so make sure you start it after completion of all your stuff else; they will remain incomplete. I hope this guide has thrown some lights on Resource and you found them useful. Be a regular visitor in order to seek interesting information about Loop Hero and many other game-related guides and tutorials.

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