Loop Hero Mobile: Is There An Android And iPhone Release Date

Loop Hero is an incredible fusion of mechanics from deck builders, roguelikes, and auto-battlers with a chunkey pixel art aesthetic and a one more loop level of compulsion. In this game, you have to design the path for your character to the victory. No wonder why this game becomes a massive hit worldwide just after its release. However, the main question in every gamer’s mind that will the developer Four Quarter and publisher Devolver Digital release the game for android and iOS users? That’s why we are here with some great news with us to answer your question, “Loop Hero Mobile: Is There An Android And iPhone Release Date?” So, hold tight and let’s get started with the guide.

Loop Hero Mobile: Is There An Android And iPhone Release Date

At first talking about the game, Loop Hero is all about an old-age tale of a space glitch wiping out all of reality. But, interestingly, you are the only person left to save the world. However, there is a catch, you have lost memory, and you don’t know why any of these things are happening around. Moreover, you are somehow connected to all the events occur in the past. I’m pretty much impressed with the publisher; they did a solid job of dropping hints, clues and deepening the mystery as you continue on your journey. Your journey? Of course, reassembling the world. I think now you all sure about why people are demanding this game for portable devices as well.

It becomes challenging for the player to pull themselves away from the PC because this game is fiendishly addictive. However, launching the game on Android and iOS device would let the users play the game while doing some other work such as travelling, sitting outside, etc. Recently, in response to a fan asking about the chances of a mobile port of this game. The officials stated that their team is working on porting the game on any platform, including smartphones. 

This statement originated in January via Steam. But, at the time of writing this article, there is no official release date for Android and iOS device. Although their response is evasive, the developer team has enough resources to make it happen.

Binding Up

As the developer responds, they are keen and looking forward to launching the game on a different platform, including mobile. But, PC gamers do not need to worry because releasing the game on a new platform doesn’t mean that they are going to discontinue the support for their PC users. However, if you are willing, then you can also check their upcoming content plans that they have recently shared on behalf of the celebration of reaching 500,000 sales. Well, if somehow you like the news, then show your love using the comment box below. Further, for more exciting gaming news and troubleshooting guide, visit our website regularly. That’s all we have for you on Loop Hero Mobile: Is there an android and iPhone release date. We hope this guide helped you.

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