Knockout City: Voice Chat Not Working Fix


Are you looking for a fix for Voice chat not working in Knockout City? Here’s all you need to know on Knockout City ‘Voice chat not working’ error.

Knockout City is a new action video game for multiplayer. Velan Studios is the developer of Knockout City under the Electronic Arts Originals Label. The rules are the same as dodgeball. Basically, the player aims to attack members of the opposing team with a ball. It also unites players across many modern platforms.

Knockout City is a unique and amazing video game. But recently, players are reporting that in-game voice chat is not working especially cross-platform chat. I was also facing the error, but luckily, I was able to fix voice chat not working by trying some easy fixes. Don’t worry if you are also encountering the same situation. All the available fixes to fix Knockout City ‘Voice Chat not working’ error is in this article. You have to just read the article till last.

How to Fix Knockout City: Voice Chat Not Working?

Before directly heading towards a fix, let us understand why voice chat is not working in Knockout City.

Why is Knockout City Voice Chat not Working?

Well, generally, the error is occurring due to Knockout City’s group chat settings. Following are the possible reasons for Knockout City voice chat not working:

  • Players may have accidentally disabled the group chat or team chat
  • Disabled Cross-Platform Chat
  • Faulty microphone settings or hardware configurations can also cause this error

Knockout City Voice Chat not Working Fix

You must follow the following fixes to fix Knockout City Voice Chat not Working:

Fix 1: Enable Group Chat or Team Chat

As already mentioned, disabling group chat or team chat can cause not working of Voice Chat. Well, this an easy fix. First, you have to press the left analog stick-in from the crew menu to enable or disable chat options. Next, you should make sure that your group chat or team chat is enabled. There is a very basic difference between group chat and team chat. The group chat allows communication between all group members, while team chat only allows communication between teammates. It’s your choice whether you have to enable both or not.

If suddenly your Knockout City voice chat stops working, then you may have disabled the chat accidentally. On the other hand, if your group chat and team chat are enabled, then you can try other fixes given below.

Fix 2: Ensure your Microphone is Correctly Plugged In

This is another easy fix you should try. First, you should make sure that your microphone is correctly plugged in with your gaming consoles. Headsets with a 3.5mm cable are generally plugged into either the PC’s headset port or the gaming console’s controller. PS 5 users have the advantage of using the in-built microphone in the DualSense controller. So, whatever option you choose, it doesn’t matter. Next, you should just plug in your USB headsets and microphones correctly into the gaming consoles or PC. Then, play Knockout City again and see if voice chat is working or not in the game.

Fix 3: Enable Xbox Cross-Platform Chat

If still, your Knockout City voice chat is not working, then try enabling Xbox cross-platform chat. Many players were able to fix the issue using this fix. Xbox users can disable cross-platform chat, which can cause not working of Knockout City voice chat. In order to enable cross-platform chat, you can follow the following steps:

  • First, go to Account and then to Settings
  • Select Profile & System and change the voice and text options to Everybody

If it is not changed to Everybody, you will not communicate through voice chat in Knockout City. Re-start the game and see if the error has been resolved or not. If not, then do not worry, as you can still try another fix.

Fix 4: Listen for Voice Chat from other Audio Sources

Earlier, players were agreed that Knockout City voice chat is not working. But many players have reported that the voice audio is playing through their Speakers or monitors instead of headsets and controllers. If you cannot listen to players, you should check if voices are coming from somewhere else. As already mentioned, faulty microphone settings and hardware configuration can also cause not working of voice chat.

You should ensure that Windows or game settings are not blocking or transferring voice communications to another audio output channel. It can be a bug, or it might have unwanted interaction with some headset software or hardware.


These were some available fixes to fix Knockout City Voice Chat not working error. Try them and play the Knockout City without any unwanted interaction. Knockout City can play on various platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 4 & 5.

So, that’s it, guys. Hopefully, the article was helpful and useful for you. Follow us for more content. You can comment below for further queries.

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