Knockout City: How To Turn Off Cross Play


Do you want to turn off Cross-Play in Knockout City? Here’s how to turn off Knockout City Crossplay.

Knockout City is a unique video game for multiplayer. It is developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts under Electronic Arts Originals Label. The gameplay and rules of the game are the same as Dodgeball. Basically, the player aims to attack members of the opposing team with a ball. It also unites players across many modern platforms with a Cross-Play feature.

Like other games, the cross-play feature in Knockout City also helps matchmaking players. However, some players think that PC players have more advantages than other gaming console players. That is why they want to disable cross-play so that they only play against those on their system of choice. Are you among those players who do not want to play with other gaming console players? But, if you do not know how to turn off cross-play, then don’t worry. We have provided the guide to turn off Knockout City cross-play in this article. So, you have to just read the article till last.

How to Turn Off Knockout City Cross-Play?

The Cross-Play feature is enabled by default. As turning it off is not beneficial for everyone. To turn off cross-play in Knockout City, you should follow the following steps:

  • To turn off cross-play, go to the Settings tab in Pause. You will find it near the bottom by the More tab
  • Now, Click on the social settings tab on the right side
  • You will come across now various options
  • So, slide down, and you can see the Cross-Play option
  • To make it disable, click on Disabled
  • After clicking, make sure that the disabled option is turned to yellow color from purple.

Crossplay in Knockout City is disabled for you. Now, the game will match players from the same gaming console or PC. Remember, all PC players, whether on Origin, Epic Games, or on Steam, will match together even if you have disabled the cross-play. Also, matchmaking will take much longer time than normal due to such a vast smaller player base. Well, all other Cross-Play video games are also the same, but at least there is a choice in many games.

However, many games let players shift through control inputs rather than system or gaming consoles. Knockout City is different from such games. This simply means that PC players playing on controllers will be treated as console players like other games as both console and PC players are using controllers. Knockout City is mainly based on locking on and not manual aiming like a first-person shooter. It doesn’t require any pinpoint precision. So, it is better not to count on Knockout City to get such a rare feature.


Believe me! Knockout City is a very unique and amazing video game. It has received many positive reviews from its critics and players. I am playing it myself since its launch. Well, I do not mind playing Knockout City by enabling cross-play. But if you feel more confident in turning cross playoff, then you should definitely turn it off. What are you waiting for now? Follow the above-given steps to turn off Cross-Play in Knockout City as soon as possible. Then, enjoy playing Knockout City with players of your system only. You can play Knockout City on various platforms such as Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

So, that’s it, guys. Hopefully, the article was helpful and useful for you. Follow us for more content. You can comment below for further queries.

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