Is there Subnautica Below Zero VR support on PC, PS 5, and PS 4?

Subnautica Below Zero

Let us talk about the newly launched Subnautica Below Zero video game. It is a single-player survival action-adventure video game set up in an open world environment. It is a series and expansion of the original 2018 Subnautica game. Unknown Worlds entertainments are the developer and publisher of the game. Subnautica Below Zero is available on various platforms such as macOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. Like Subnautica, in Below Zero, players are also aiming to survive on planet 4546B and explore the environment. You can also play and achieve side quests and challenges while playing the actual plot of the game.

But players are wondering and asking a question regularly since its launch. Basically, the question is whether Subnautica Below Zero supports Virtual Reality on PC, PS 4&5 or not. So we are sure that you are also looking for the answer. Well, you will get your answer related to this question in this article. So you have to just read the article till last.

Is there Subnautica Below Zero VR support on PC, PS 5, and PS 4?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology used to create a challenging environment for players. It simply means that users are able to interact with 3D worlds instead of viewing a screen in front of them. Subnautica, the original game, supports VR on PC. So, definitely, the question is genuine. Here’s all you necessitate to know about the availability of PC, PS 5, and PS 4 VR modes in Subnautica Below Zero.

Is there Subnautica Below Zero VR support on PC?

Well, there is no official VR support in Subnautica Below Zero. But fortunately, with the help of some adjustments, you can play Subnautica Below Zero in VR mode on PC. The adjustments are super easy and not too long. You have just to download and install Subnautica Below Zero VR mode. Go to and search for Native VR Support For Below Zero. Then, you have to just click on Download or Manual Download, whichever is mentioned there with a download sign.

We hope that developer of Subnautica Below Zero will add VR mode, but till then, you have to adjust the game using the above method.

Is there Subnautica Below Zero VR support on PS 5 and PS 4?

Unfortunately, players cannot play Subnautica Below Zero in PlayStation Virtual Reality modes on PS 5 and PS 4. But Subnautica Below Zero can be played by PlayStation users in 2D on their televisions. Unfortunately, there are no official announcements by developers also to support PSVR mode.

If Unknown Worlds Entertainment adds Virtual Reality support, then PlayStation users do not get any guarantee to get the same functionality. As Subnautica also only supports VR mode on PC, not on PlayStation 4 & 5. So, we cannot expect Subnautica Below Zero VR support on PS 5 and PS 4 anytime soon. We know it isn’t very pleasant for PS 4 and PS 5 users who are looking forward to playing Subnautica Below Zero.


Subnautica Below Zero has received good ratings and reviews from its critics and players all over the world. But as players have to explore the environment, the game must support Virtual Reality and PlayStation Virtual Reality modes. Also, it is essential to consider new factors in the game, which are PS5 and PSVR 2. As already mentioned, there is no official announcement regarding this, but we can still hope that the developer considers the factors. Till then, you can make adjustments as given above for PC VR mode.

So, that’s it, guys. We hope that now you get your answers, and the article was helpful for you. You can follow us for more content. Also, you can comment below for further queries.

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