Is Roblox adding the Refund Option?


Roblox is definitely a fun platform for its users. It is basically an online single and multiplayer game creation system. Also, it offers users to play and create their own games with the use of Roblox Studio, which other users can then play. Roblox is generally free-to-play. But it involves in-game purchases through a virtual currency known as Robux. And to purchase Robux, users have to spend their real money.

Now, a question arises that whether players get their money back after spending Robux and purchasing the in-game item? And if not, is Roblox adding refunds soon? Don’t worry. You can find all your refunds from Roblox-related answers right in this article. Make sure to read the article till the end.

Can Roblox Users Get Refunds?

Luckily yes, Roblox users can get refunds. But only on one condition. Only parents can get refunds if their children make any unauthorized purchases. Otherwise, in any situation, Roblox does not give refunds. Initially, Roblox did not have any Refund Policy. But now, Roblox Corporation is going in the right direction by providing such a policy as it is a right of every citizen and consumer of India.

So, do you want a refund? Here’s how to get a refund from Roblox.

How Can A User/Parent Get Refund From Roblox?

First of all, ensure that you are fulfilling the above-given criteria. Now, to get a refund from Roblox for any unauthorized purchases made by your children in Roblox, you can follow the following steps:

  • Click on the link to report “Xsolla*Roblox” charges.
  • Click on the link for charges appearing as just Roblox.
  • Now, fill out all the information needed, such as:
    1. List of charges by Date and Amount (Mandatory)
    2. Billing Name (Mandatory)
    3. Credit/Debit Card’s last four digits used for making a purchase; PayPal Account Email address; Google Play Purchase numbers, whichever you have used to buy the in-game items in Roblox.
    4. Roblox Username (Mandatory)
  • Keep in mind that you fill in all the details correctly. Otherwise, it will show the wrong details, and you will not get any refund.
  • Once you have filled in the details, complete the request for a refund by describing your issue.

Now, Roblox Corporation will analyze your request and refund your money directly in the account used. But if you have purchased the items through Apple/iTunes, Microsoft Store (Windows App or Xbox), and Amazon, then, unfortunately, Roblox cannot directly refund your money. In fact, you have to contact the particular platform to get a refund for the unauthorized purchases.

Reviews of Parents on Roblox’s Refund Policy 

Many parents have said that they find the Roblox Refund policy difficult to operate. According to the users, the Roblox policy is a bit confusing and not much useful. They want a Refund Policy like Fortnite, which gives them more options. Recently, a minor and her father sued Roblox for deleting her paid in-game items. Also, neither refund nor compensation was given or offered to them.

So, the court may ask the Roblox corporation to make changes in their Refund policy due to this case. Therefore, we can definitely hope for a better and improved Refund policy in the coming days.


Roblox has received positive reviews from critics and its users. It helps in connecting with other players in the world and helps in showing creativity. There is no reason for not downloading and playing games in Roblox. But children usually make unauthorized in-game purchases that too very expensive.

It’s better to update the Refund policy of Roblox so that parents can easily get their money back. And so that they do not have to hustle much. So we will update you once any improvement is made in the Refund policy by Roblox Corporation.

So that’s it, guys. We hope that you get what you need from this article, your all needy details regarding the Refund policy of Roblox. Roblox is available on PC, Android, iOS and Xbox One. So stick with us and follow us for more gaming contents. Also, you can shoot your queries in the comment box located right below.

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