How to use amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch?

Amiibo Cards are collector’s trading cards that unlock a set of items, such as clothing and furniture. Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards themed around the Sanrio character. Amiibo cards help you to bring the native villagers of the village to your island, either by inviting them as a permanent resident of your island or simply for a photoshoot. Nevertheless, if you’re like me and love to play this game but cannot find out how to use amiibo cards or figures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that’s why we are here to help you out with our latest guide on how to use amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch, what its functionality is, what amiibo exactly does in the game, etc. So, what we are waiting for, let’s jump together on this journey.

How to use amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch?

Before moving towards the article, you have to keep in mind that you can use the amiibo cards or figures once the amiibo functionality has been unlocked. So, we need to unlock them first. Let’s see how.

Unlock Amiibo Functionality

Generally, there are two ways to use the amiibo cards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Harvey’s Island and The Campsite. So, to unlock the amiibo functionality, you first need to reach Harvey’s Island and then you can use the amiibo cards for taking photos on Harvey’s Island. At the same time, at the campsite, you can scan amiibo as well as invite new villagers to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  1. Harvey’s Island – Photopia
  2. The Campsite – Invite the new villagers to your island

Use Amiibo Cards at Harvey’s Island on Nintendo Switch

  1. If you want to go to Harvey’s island, you need to speak to Orville near the airport and simply tell him that you wanna fly.
  2. Now, your next step is to tell Orville that you wish to Visit Harv’s Island. Now, you have to confirm that by clicking on the Time For Takeoff from the left of the window.
  3. After that, wait until the brief cutscene is finished. That’s it. Now, you’ll find yourself on Harvey’s island.
  4. Then, Enter Harv’s House. Now, you’re inside Harv’s house there you’ll find six rooms that you can use to take photos. 
  5. Now, here you can use the amiibo card if you want. To use the cards, you need to press and hold the down button located left side of the Switch pad.
  6. After that, take your amiibo card and scan it using an NFC reader on Nintendo Switch. For handheld mode users, the NFC reader is found near the right joystick. However, if you are Pro Controller users, this could found over the Nintendo Switch logo. 
  7. If you’re still in viewing mode, click on the Character, this will open more options for you.
  8. Interestingly, you can also make the characters emote just by pressing the ZR button and then choose one of the available Reactions.
  9. If you want to move any villager from one place to another place in the room, you may hold down the A button. While, in order to select multiple characters, you need to hold down the R button. If you want to remove any villager, select them and press the Y button.

Invite Villagers to the Campsite Using Amiibo Cards on Nintendo Switch

  1. At first, you need to talk to Kiosk at Residence Services. Then, choose the invite a camper option.
  2. After that, choose the Yes, I Do! option. Now, scan the amiibo card by following the same as mentioned above.
  3. Wait till the Kiosk identify the Character on the amiibo card, then select Yes! Option.
  4. When you scan your card, a cutscene will play. Then, leave the Residence Services. Now, you’ll see all the invited villagers at your campsite. So, hover over towards the campsite and directly enter inside the Tent.
  5. Now, you have to interact with that villager until they demand you to craft something for them. So, you need to agree to their request. Who knows that if they give you a new recipe.
  6. You need to make sure to craft the requested item before the end of the night because they leave your island by the end of the night. So, craft the item and hand it over to them before they’re gone.
  7. Well, after providing them what they want, you need to talk to them and make them agree to become a resident of your island.
  8. If you already have 10 villagers on your island, you have to choose which one of the current villagers gets kicked off from the island.

Bottom Line

That’s it. Now, you all know how to use amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch. As long as you use your amiibo cards, you’ll able to invite different characters into Animal Crossing: New Horizons just by scanning the card using the NFC chips. So, what you are waiting for, go and enjoy your game! 

That’s all we have for you on how to use amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch. We hope this guide helped you, and now you’re able to use the amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch. Further, if you want more such exciting gaming facts, visit our website regularly. You can also use our comments section to clear your doubts and queries regarding this game.


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