How to Summon Thor In Valheim


Recently, it was discovered that Odin disguised as a grim reaper, then the chances of Thor to make a special appearance in Valheim is possible if the condition is suitable. However, a number of players are claiming about spotting the lord of Thunder in Valheim. So, if you are the one who is desperate to find him, then there are a couple of things you can do to summon Thor in Valheim. Now, you don’t have to search around, here were with everything which you need to do to summon Thor.

How to Summon Thor In Valheim

If you wish to summon the lord of the Thunder in Valheim, you need to wait until the conditions are favorable for his arrival. The requisite condition is somehow related to the weather conditions of Valheim. It would be best if you make sure that there are Thunder and Lightning in the sky during the nighttime. Further, keep your eyes steady at the lightning strikes so that you might catch a glimpse of the lightning lord. You can figure a flying creature along with the lightning strikes. A number of players have made their minds about the flying creature to be Thor himself.

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t provided a way yet to summon Thor himself and further interact with him or any other god of Norse culture. However, all these activities are given in the early access to the game, so we can be sure about the change in upcoming months when the game will be finally released. Further, we are more excited about the easter egg that we have missed in the game.

However, if you know more about the easter eggs of Valheim, then do let us know through our chatbox. However, if your luck favors you, you would be able to find the Thor prior to Moder and even before the third boss of Valheim. Thou, you can find him in the chariot with two horses pulling the chariot. A single streak of lightning is also visible, sparkling the cart as the cart rides across the horizon. When you will find him, you will get to know about Thor.

Bottom Line

Luckily! Your luck favored you, and you got the opportunity to see Thor before many other players. However, if we have missed anything regarding steps to Summon Thor, you can intimate that to us by using our comment section. Further, you can use our comments option to clear your doubts as well as queries, and don’t forget to tell us about the easter eggs in the world of valheim. If you wish to know more interesting facts regarding gaming, visit our website regularly, The Gaming Book.

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