How to Setup Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat


Right now, Outriders is the latest title from the house of Square Enix. While playing the demo version of the game, we would say it is really amazing. The game is amazing, with stunning visuals and a bug-free interface. It is almost a hot cake served right into a watering mouth. While the solo mode is remarkably outstanding, the multiplayer mode seems to be somehow disappointing. Although the players shouldn’t worry as the voice chat issue would fix that in the coming updates.

When talking about multiplayer, how can one miss the famous Outriders Crossplay voice chat? We bet you’d be thinking the same. Well, how do we know? That’s what exactly takes you here. So gamers, here we are with our exceptional guide that will help you to setup Outriders crossplay voice chat. Now, without taking any more time, let’s hop in.

How to Setup Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat

Talking about crossplay, the first thing crossing our minds is the word Multiplayer. Yes, we said that the multiplayer is buggish. But in the multiplayer, you need four players. However, the reason isn’t clear why Square Enix went on with a hilarious three-player multiplayer mode.

While writing this post, and keeping the reports in mind, Most probably Outriders will release on April 1. Hold your breath here because you are about to hear something underwhelming.

Yes, a sheer disappointment. Outriders, as of now, don’t support crossplay voice chat. But that certainly doesn’t hamper the overall gaming experience. Moreover, that doesn’t stand in the way between purchasing and not purchasing the game. Furthermore, today’s new tech ways seem to be endless, and that means you would certainly find numerous third-party ways to communicate with your friends online.

Besides, it would be wise to say; good things take time, and so does the case is with Square Enix. Maybe, they get time to understand the magnitude of this feature and incorporate it later in the game.

As mentioned earlier, doing a crossplay voice chat can be achieved with Xbox play, if you are an Xbox player. Also, there are other apps available like Discord and Skype.

Key Takeaway

Right now, Outriders doesn’t support crossplay voice chat. However, with regular updates that seem to be around the corner, this option would be available in future updates. That’s all we for you with us today and we hope this definitely helped you with your question. For more guides and to stay updated regularly, bookmark this page.

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