How to Make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim


Valheim is a trending game among a number of young PC players and has captured the steam platform in the meantime. Meanwhile, reports are significant furthermore surprising since Valheim has sold more than 6 million copies in a record month, which is large enough to mark the developers’ success. Troll Hide armor is designed to increase your stealth level in the world of Valheim. The description says it all, and It makes you sneaky.

The sneaky feature lists its name in the list of most desirable armors in the game, especially during the initial stage when you’re having few biomes only. You love to sneak around and sneaking up while attacking monsters, or if you want to approach an animal like a fox to tame them in Valheim, most probably you will be eagerly waiting to create troll hide armor. Keep scrolling through this and you’ll get to know the procedure to make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim:

How to Make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim?

The Troll Set is made by crafting four different items that combine to form the Troll Hide Armor set and further provide a stealth effect. Here’s a guide to acknowledging you about getting all items in the Troll Set in Valheim:

Troll Hide Leather Helmet

It requires the workbench and is one of the components of the Troll Hide Armor Set. It will cost you 3 Bone Fragments and 5 Troll Hide while being craft.

Troll Hide Cape

You would have got the idea by its name; this is a cape and is crafted using the Troll Hide and various other resources. In order to craft the cape, you will need Troll Hide x 10 and Bone Fragments x 10.

Troll Leather Pant

The name says it all; Troll Hide is used to make Troll Leather Pant. Besides, a workbench will be required to craft this item. You will need 5 x Troll Hide to make the Troll Leather Pants.

Troll Leather Tunic

In order to craft a Troll Leather Tunic, a Workbench is required again. Further, you will need 5 x Troll Hide to craft a troll leather tunic. It is similar to the above.

After crafting all four items, you will possess the sneaky effect of the Troll Hide Armor set. However, Troll Leather Tunic will require a sum of 25 Troll Hide and 13 Bone Fragments to craft the entire group. If you want to attain maximum stealth, you will need to upgrade each set item.

How to Get Troll Hide

You will need to kill more Trolls to get Troll hide. If you love to play solo, it would not be easy to take down Trolls. However, while playing in multiplayer, it becomes an easy task to kill a number of Trolls. The reason being is the strategy, for instance, one player can focus on distracting the Trolls while the other one can continuously attack them until they are dead. you need to be wide-awake because if you are bad on your luck, they will follow you to your house. However if once a Troll is killed, the possibility of getting Troll Hide along with Troll Trophies and Coins becomes high.

That’s all about How to Make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim and further the steps involving while crafting Troll Leather Helmet, Troll Hide Cape, Troll Leather Pant, and Troll Leather Tunic. Sadly, if we have missed something, you must point that to our knowledge by commenting in the comment box provided below. If you are still struggling in Valheim, then be sure to read all the tips and tricks in our Gaming Book.

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