How to Make Maypoles in Valheim

Maypoles are counted among the rare structures in the world of Valheim. Further, it provides you comfort while resting around it. Maypoles are decorative items that are used to celebrate May Day and are also used during the summer solstice in Norse Culture. You can use Maypoles at your home to increase your comfort level. However, you will face difficulty while moving it or building it at any place in your village.

We are here with a guide for the players finding it difficult to move or build. So you need to stick to this guide in order to know every bit about Maypoles. So, without wasting any more time, let us focus on “How to Make Maypoles in Valheim.”

How to Make Maypoles in Valheim

The Maypoles are structure but can be located in abandoned villages. If you are searching, then you are requested to search in the middle of abandoned villages of the Meadows biome. Alternatively, it would help if you use the F5 key to open the console, and further, you will need to type “imacheater” to initiate input for cheats code and console command. Furthermore, a player possesses more authority with the cheats-enabled gameplay, whether in single-player games or be it multiplayer.

However, cheat codes always favor you at some risk, and here in the case of the Early Access of Valheim, you are having a greater risk. For your safety, it is advised to undoubtedly take a backup of your character, worlds, and game file as well. To be on the safe side if any issue arises and that damages your save game profile.

Make Maypoles in Creative Mode of Valheim

First of all type “debugmode” in the console in order to enter into the creative mode of the game. You must read the confirmation on the screen ‘Debugmode True’ to confirm the input was correct. Now, look for an upgraded Workbench nearby. However, it is more likely for the player to build the Maypole nearby their home base. Further, you will need to equip a hammer from your home, and with the click of the right mouse button, the crafting menu will open on your screen. Search for the “Furniture” tab from the list.

At the bottom of the grid, you will be able to find the Maypoles as an option available, along with many other items. If it is accessible, then you will need to collect the resources to build it. It will cost you around 4 x Dandelion, 10 x Wood, along with 4 Thistle to craft it entirely.

You can find Maypoles in the middle of Abandoned villages. But the drawback is it is not sure to be found there. Further, you will require to build your base nearby, as after crafting the Maypoles, it will be nearly impossible to move it to some other place. However, there is a risk of enemies, specially Surtlings, that will tend to destroy the decorations. Alternatively, you will require to build a new base with the help of another maypole or replace it with the help of the cheat codes described above.

The decorations, with the help of Maypole, have a practical purpose like increasing the comfort of the player by +1. Further, this increases the length of a Rested buff. The Rested buff improves your character’s rate of Stamina and Health regeneration during a day.

Bottom Line

Luckily! you have crafted Maypoles in the world of Valheim. Unfortunately, if we have missed anything regarding Maypoles, you can intimate that to us by using our comment section. Further, you can use our comments option to clear your doubts as well as queries. If you wish to know more interesting facts regarding gaming, visit our website regularly, The Gaming Book.

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