How to Make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero

The resource card placement is necessary for the Loop Hero game, specifically if the player intends to create a Mountain Peak to aid their character in the game. However, Loop Hero can be justified by two words, “Innovative” and “Mysterious” and is full of excitement. The Loop Hero came into existence by Four Quarter developers and was published by Devolver Digital, the names are unknown for many, but the quality of the game is roaring the name loud. However, the longer you stay in the loop, the more resources and gear you’ll get, which will help you in the construction of new blocks and up-gradation of former buildings at your camp.

Making a Mountain Peak will not just glorify the player’s characteristics. Still, it will provide additional health to the user, which will put the player in a great position while fighting against the monsters like Lich boss.

How to Make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero

For the construction of a mountain peak in loop hero, you will need nine mountain cards or rock cards, and combine these in the grid of three-by-three. You can combine them in a haphazard manner as no special specification is mentioned, and both the cards are basic cards that are provided at the beginning of the game, so you won’t find any issues while drawing them. However, only one mountain peak is only allowed in a single map, and if you want to create more, then you’ll need to explore different maps for that.

You will find it interesting to compare it with the regular Mountain or tip of the rock. On successful creation, Mountain peak will additionally provide 120 maximum health and 5 additional health for every adjacent rock or Mountain that can be placed alongside the Mountain Peak. The good news is that the Mountain peak will spawn a harpy every two days, which will help players collect a large number of resources. They are not particularly threatening foes but are an excellent source of additional loot.

Placement of the Mountain Peak in Loop Hero

You are free to choose any place for installing a Mountain Peak, but it is advisable to build it at a specific place where you can completely surround it with a number of rocks or Mountains. Doing this will facilitate the maximum health gain along with the maximum efficiency from the Mountain Peak. Try to keep this structure at the periphery of the map, the reason behind this is spawning a Harpy every two days, which you are familiar with, is a good thing by your side because we want to kill the maximum possible monsters.

Further, if the player has created a Herbalist’s Hut, it will supply some potions, which puts the player in a great position for some additional runs on the loop. The extra loot from the Harpies might result in some over-powered armor and weapon drops as well.

In The Bottom

The Loop Hero may seem slow at first, learning how to take benefit of the cards transforms the players to be able to survive long runs and accumulate a huge amount of resources.

That’s all for the construction of Mountain Peak in Loop Hero and some additional reasons why it is one of the best indie strategy auto battler games in the market. Hoping you found it quite useful, and now no doubts or confusions are clashing in your mind while making a Mountain Peak in the Loop hero.

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