How to Heal Your Health in Outriders


With 4 creatures to play around, known as Altered, Outriders seem to be gaining quite a lot of fandom nowadays. And why wouldn’t it? This game features remarkable graphics with an outstanding storyline and an amazing solo mode that is totally in your hands. However, as the case with every game, Outriders isn’t different. With four creatures, their health decreases too, while playing or when hurt. While dealing with combat situations, your player would get damaged, and the only option left with you is to heal.

The game is going to be live on 1st April, with that comes a lot of curiosity from the gamers. So before dirtying your hands, wouldn’t it be great to know how you can heal your health in Outriders? If that’s what you are looking for, here we are with a brand new guide that will help you to heal.

How to Heal Your Health in Outriders

First and foremost, there are two things worth remembering. There are two ways to hear. The first being the direct way and, on the other hand, a passive way. In addition, both of these ways have different settings to go along with. Let’s learn both of them in detail.

Passive Healing Method in Outrider

Probably the easier one in the series, Passive healing is always done in the background or what you can presume ‘automatically.’ Since your creature is Altered, you must have certain benefits. That’s where the benefit is; your character will automatically heal when you are not taking in any damage or not indulging in combat.

Your character will automatically regain its health given the above situations, and you are good to go with your next mission. However, if you are not ready to wait a while or expecting to fight simultaneously, the second way is waiting right below.

Active Healing Method in Outriders

This method is indeed the faster one; however, that totally depends on which class your character belongs to. That said, let’s take a quick overview.

Technomancer: This altered creature recovers damage or heals while you are hitting or fighting.

Trickster: With every enemy you kill, you heal as a bonus. However, there’s a trick to it. Only close-range enemies count. Along with that, you get a shield portion.

Pyromancer: Every time you kill an opponent with a special ability, you recover health.

Devastator: This restores its health from the dead enemies you are in close proximity with.


Outriders is a great game with four classes of characters. You can heal using two ways, namely passively and actively. While passive healing is more natural and easy, active healing depends on the choice of Altered creature you decide to choose as your character.

With that being said, we hope you learned how you can heal in Outriders and our guide proved helpful. For more updates and tactical guides, make sure to bookmark this site.

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