How to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

Yellow Mushrooms are among the delicious crafting resources in the game that can be eaten raw for stamina, healing, and health. You can find them easily if you know their actual places of spawning. Moreover, they are likely to respawn in the same place like Dandelion and various other food items you can gather in the game.

Luckily! If you got some from any place, then you can regularly visit that place and could grab it again and again from the same spot. Small caves in the Burial chambers are full of danger but are one of the hubs for valuable items. One of them is the Yellow Mushrooms. Yellow mushrooms are mostly found in the caves and crypts and be distinguished in the dark by their glow.

Though, if you are finding it difficult to find Yellow Mushrooms, then you need to follow this guide. This guide will take you to the places where you can find yellow Mushrooms. So, without taking much time of you, let us begin our journey concerning How to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheilheim.

How to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

If you are also having trouble while finding the Yellow Mushroom, then you have reached the right place. You need to search in the following two locations. Here the possibilities are higher of getting yellow mushrooms:

  • In Black Forest Biome
  • In Swamp Biome

In Black Forest Biome –

In the black forest biome, you have two spots where you can easily find Yellow Mushrooms.

  1. Burial Chambers 

This is one of the dungeons found in the Black Forest. It is equipped with various maze-like structures, which often go up and down from the ground level. You will find it good to know about this place that it is blessed with many rare items such as Bone Fragments, Surtling Cones, and even Yellow Mushrooms. Before running into Burial Chambers, equip one of the best weapons to deal with the Ghosts and Skeletons whom you will meet while looting those rare items.

  1. Troll Cave

Another alternative for Yellow Mushroom in the Black Forest Biome is Troll Cave. Troll Caves are large rock formations with an opening of the size of a Troll. You can simply look around for piles of bones that signify the presence of Trolls in them. However, you may find Trolls in and around these caves. Along with Yellow Mushrooms, you can collect many other items such as Bone fragments, Chests, Coins, Amber pearls, and many more.

In Swamp Biome –

Sunken Crypt

Sunken Crypts dungeon are usually found in the Swamp biome. You can get access to this dungeon after defeating the second boss of Valheim, i.e., The Elder. The reason is Swamp key is dropped by the Elder when defeated. Sunken Crypt dungeon is also known for the huge loot that it offers to visitors. You can collect items like Coins, Chains, Entrails, Amber, and Yellow Mushrooms.

How to Use Yellow Mushrooms?

Yellow Mushrooms can be eaten raw. Fortunately, they will provide the effects as follows if eaten raw:

  • Max Stamina – 20
  • Maax Health – 20
  • Healing – 1 HP / tick
  • Duration – 600 seconds / 10 minutes.

Further, you can use them to craft mead bases. With the help of a Cauldron, you can make Mead Base for Minor stamina and Mead Base for Medium stamina. So, let’s have both the recipes.

Mead base for Medium stamina

You can craft Mead base for Medium stamina, and the ingredients for crafting it are:

  • Cloudberries x 10
  • Honey x 10
  • Yellow mushroom x 10

Mead base for Minor stamina

You can craft Mead base for Minor stamina, and the ingredients for crafting it are:

  • Raspberries x 10
  • Honey x 10
  • Yellow Mushroom x 10

Key Outlooks

That’s all! You need to know how to get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim. Unfortunately, if we have missed anything regarding Yellow Mushrooms, you can intimate that to us by using our comment section. Further, you can use our comments option to clear your doubts as well as queries. If you wish to know more interesting facts regarding gaming, then visit our website regularly, there’s much more that is unexplained in the game, but our gaming guides, The Gaming Book, have covered everything that will make things super easy for you.

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