How to Get Chain in Valheim


Valheim is no other than most survival games with a multiplayer segment. In order to progress in Valheim, you need to acquire resources further; all of them are linked together. The Chain is also an important resource of Valheim post beating the second forsaken boss, ‘The Elder’. It is a vital ingredient to craft multiple useful weapons and upgrades. For instance, you will need four Chains to unlock the construct Forge Bellows, an upgrade to the Forge.

Furthermore, the Chain plays an important role in crafting the game’s best armor, namely the ‘Wolf Armor.’ However, it is not an easy task to locate the Chain in the world of Valheim. You will need to encounter a number of specific enemies in order to get Chains as drops; you will find them in specific regions. Stick to this post, today we will focus on the places to locate Chain:

Where to Get Chain in Valheim?

We have discovered two ways where you can reliably find a chain in the world of Valheim. First of all, look in the Sunken Crypts dungeon, and secondly, you can check in drops when you eliminate Wraiths. Wraiths are the mob that usually drop Chain after death. No need to search here and there; you will find both of them in the Swamps biome.

Chains in Sunken Crypts dungeon

Unlike the Burial Chambers dungeon located in the Meadows and the Black Forest, you can not enter into the Sunken Crypts dungeon in Swamps biome because you will need to have a swamp key. Swamp key is a drop item that can be collected after killing the second boss, ‘The Elder’. For detailed information, you can refer to our guide Valheim Blocked From Dungeon Message or Bug.

After defeating the second boss, ‘The Elder’, he will drop ‘Elder Trophy’ along with the ‘Swamp Key’. The Elder’s trophy is used to mount on the sacrificial stone in order to unlock the ability to chop trees quicker than before. Additionally, the player can use the Swamp key to unlock Sunken Crypt in the Swamps biome. You will need to lag in the dungeon in order to kill each and every enemy further open all the chests you find in your path. However, the creatures and the loot in Sunken Crypts do not respawn. You will find various resources including Chain and other items like Coins, Withered Bones, Ancient Barks, and many more.

Chain Dropped by Eliminating Wraiths

Wraiths are one of the ghostly creatures found in the Swamp biome. Usually, they reside in old, abandoned, and uninhabited houses of the Swamp biome. They can be easily identified as they are faceless creatures, floating through the air at night, covered with a cloak, purple in color. They attack aggressively with melee, dealing high damage to you, so you should have good armor to protect yourself. They will give Iron chains as a drop, post-killing them.

Craft Weapons With Chains in Valheim

If you have collected the chains, then the next step is to craft weapons and armor or upgrade the Forge. Here we are listing few Weapons that you can cast using the Chains:

  • Black Metal Shield
  • In order to craft a black metal Shield, you will need 5 x chain, 2 x FIne Wood, and 8 x Black Metal Bars. It would be best if you used a level 3 Forge.
  • Wolf Chestpiece
  • For Wolf Chestpiece or Wolf Armor Chest, the ingredients are 1 x Chain, 5 x Wolf Pelt, and 20 x Silver.
  • Black Metal Tower Shield
  • You will require 7 x Chain, 15 x Quality Wood, and 10 x Black Metal Bars. You will need a Forge to craft the Black Metal Tower Shield.

That’s all for today, you need to know where to find Chains in Valheim. We have tried our best to provide you all the locations from where you can obtain the Chains and further use them to Craft any weapon or use them for upgrading the Forge. Sadly, if we have missed any of the ways, kindly ping us by commenting in the comment section. If you are still struggling with gaming, then it’s time to bookmark your favorite gaming guide book, namely The Gaming Book.

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