How to Get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim

Valheim, like other survival and sandbox video game, spins around resources that you require to assemble for multiple needs of survival such as defense, offense, remedies, and food as well. Valheim is brought to you by the Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. Further, it is published by Coffee Stain Studios. It was released in early access on 2nd February 2021 for Windows and Linux on Steam and is going to be released very soon.

The Blue Mushroom is unique among the other mushrooms available in the realm of Valheim. However, you will find a yellow mushroom as well in the game. Yellow mushroom is distinctive by their yellow glow and can be found in the dungeons. However, Blue Mushrooms are rare to find, and you can’t find them in the game by normal means. Despite color, Vikings can eat mushrooms in Valheim in many ways, like fermented into potions, cooked into soups, or it can be eaten raw. So, stay with this guide to know more about “How to Get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim.”

How to Get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim

Similar to other mushroom types, blue mushrooms are likely to be eaten raw. However, all three mushrooms, i.e., Red Mushrooms, Yellow Mushrooms, or Blue Mushrooms possess the same basic statistics when eaten:

  • Max. Stamina Gain: 20
  • Duration: 600 sec / 10 min
  • Max. HP Gain: 15 – 20
  • Healing: Restores 1 HP / tick

Unfortunately, till now, no recipes are have been discovered which can spawn Blue Mushroom. However, the only way to summon Blue Mushroom is through the Console command of Valheim. You aren’t able to farm or grow Blue Mushroom anywhere in the world of Valheim. The Blue Mushrooms can only be summoned in debug mode of the game.

Further, you need to enable debug mode of the game. Press the F5 key using your keyboard to open the console command. In the typing area, type “imacheater.” Proceed further by typing “debugmode” this will provide you access to the Creative Mode. Now, you have all the access to the game. You can easily cross all the missions if you wish to do so. If you wish to spawn Blue Mushroom, you will have to type “MushroomBlue.” Hence, you will get Blue Mushrooms. Sadly, in the early access of the game, the only way to get Blue Mushroom is through the use of Cheat codes.

 Valheim: Blue Mushrooms Theories

At present, the Blue Mushrooms are available only by Cheat Codes. But it is likely to grow in any one of the three unfinished biomes that presently exists in the world of Valheim. There are Ashlands, the Deep North biome, and the Mistland in Valheim. However, the Ashland is full of scorching landscape, ash-filled, the fiery as well. Thus, declining the possibilities for growing too many plants. Indeed, the probabilities are regarding the Blue Mushroom will be associated with one of the other two biomes.

There are chances of ice-based potion or food that would be more powerful than the present frost resistance potion in the world of Valheim. Or they can be a unique mushroom that only grows in the perpetual gloom of the Mistland, hidden between the sticky strings of spider webbing.

However, the Blue Mushroom is fundamentally proved to be useless in the present iteration of Valheim. So you won’t find any specific reason to spawn them. However, if you wish to see them and even taste some of their variety, then you need to spawn them. Expectedly, the game’s final release will give players the changes they need in the game along with the permanent source of Blue Mushroom.

Bottom Line

That’s all! You need to know how to get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim. Unfortunately, if we have missed anything regarding Blue Mushrooms, you can intimate that to us by using our comment section. Further, you can use our comments option to clear your doubts as well as queries. If you wish to know more interesting facts regarding gaming, visit our website regularly, there’s much more that is unexplained in the game, but our gaming guides, The Gaming Book, have covered everything that will make things super easy for you.

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