How to Forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has an incredible weapon range, and this insect glaive will make players feel like they’ve stepped out of a shojo anime. Players who simply go from monster to monster in Monster Hunter Rise could be missing out on some of the game’s more unique items. Several objects are made from unusual materials. Further, it results in things that are unlike any of the game’s monsters in terms of appearance. One such tool in Monster Hunter Rise is the Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive. It looks like anything from Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura.

How to Forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise

Blossom Crickets Obtaining

The blossom cricket is a crucial component in the development of the Magia Pitareen. Blossom crickets, including dreamshells and butterfly beetles, can be obtained by using the Argosy to collect bug and mushroom-related objects. Players who are farming honey with Rondine and the Argosy may have already found these in their inventory. However, those who have yet to collect these crickets need only go to Rondine, choose a friend, and ask them to trade for either a mushroom or a bug. In this case, webs and honey are also considered bugs. Eventually, the friend who sent you will return with blossom crickets as well as the requested object.

The Magia Pitareen is being forged.

The following materials are needed to make the insect glaive:

  1. Blossom Cricket
  2. Lightcrystals
  3. Bombadgy Igniters

Blossom crickets can be obtained using the method described above, while lightcrystals can be obtained via quests (such as the village quest to hunt Great Wroggi) but are more commonly found in low-rank ore nodes. Bombadgy Igniters can be purchased from the Shrine Ruins’ bombadgies.

The glaive has 70 assaults, 20 blasts, a defensive bonus of 5, a level 3 kinsect level, and yellow sharpness once forged.

The Magia Pitareen is to be Upgraded

It is possible to update the Magia Pitareen twice. The following items are needed for the first upgrade:

  • 3 units of Monster Fluid 
  • 2 Blossom Crickets
  • 2 Mizutsune Fins

Since it’s obtained from carving bugs like Altaroth, Bnahabra, and Rachnoid, monster fluid is possibly the one resource that players would have to go out of their way to acquire. If they take too much damage, the first two can be destroyed to the point that they can’t be carved. There is, however, a village quest called Case of the Creepy Crawlies that requires players to hunt Altaroth and Bnahabra and can reward monster fluid if completed. 

Monster fluid can also be collected from the massive monster Volvidon as drops, carves, or prizes. The source of Mizutsune fins is obvious, but players can improve their chances of having them by breaking the fins on their back during Mizutsune hunts.

These resources are needed for the second Magia Pitareen upgrade:

  • 2 Novacrystals 
  • 3 units Monster Broth 
  • 3 Blossom Crickets

Novacrystals are the high-rank equivalent of lightcrystals. But the only quest known to drop novacrystals is Flooded Forest Fiasco. Further, novacrystals only drop at a 5% rate from that quest, so mining might still be the best choice. The monster broth is a high-rank version of monster fluid that can be obtained from high-rank versions of all previous sources. Rakna-Kadaki, on the other hand, will lose it.

The glaive’s first upgrade has a 100 attack, a 25 blast feature, a 5 defense bonus, a level 4 kinsect level, and a smidgeon of green sharpness.

The glaive’s final upgrade has a 150 attack, 29 blast, a 5% defense bonus, a level 5 kinsect level, three level one decoration slots, and a smidgeon of blue sharpness.

At The Bottom

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