How To Fix Valheim Dedicated Server ‘Disconnected’

Valheim is an adventure-based sandbox survival action video game. Primarily released in February 2021 by Iron Gate AB developers. The storyline of this video game revolves around exploring the world and facing challenges. The game is loaded with several features, and one of my favourites is to allow ten players to play at a time. This game also allows to you discover the new realm of the gaming world, from valleys to mountains and deep oceans. It became a honeypot for PC gamers due to its classy graphics and action genre.

It is no wonder to hear why more than 5 million copies of this game were sold in the first month of its launching. Yet, the game seemed to have several problems. After seeing this, the developers of this game rolling out a new update patch, Valheim 0.147.3. We hope this could fix the issues and improve the overall gaming experience. You can then follow our guide on fixing the Valhiem dedicated server ‘Disconnected’ error to fix the issue temporarily.

How To Fix Valhiem Dedicated Server’ Disconnected’ Error

A ‘disconnected‘ error is reported to pop up every time a player attempts to go online. Most PC players are habitual of playing action games in teams with their friends. Hence, this problem has left them with no choice. But it is ok if you are a solo player who plays the game in solo mode (offline). The data we gathered will reflect many reasons related to connectivity. Some of them are unverified (corrupted) game files on steam, port forwarding problems, corrupted dedicated server and backup file, windows firewall (or antivirus) problem, IPv6 problem, outmoded network adapter driver, IP address problems

It depends on your PC and play style, which problems are you plunged into. Each of these issues needs to be addressed and deal with accordingly. Thus, break the ice and come to the main agenda of dealing with these problems to have an exciting online team mode with friends. Following are some bypass solutions to these problems:

Solution 1: Close Valheim and restart the game:

It is a universal solution to every error. So, if ‘disconnected’ error pop-ups while playing the game, you can simply restart the game on the Steam client. You may also check if any update is pending. So, just let it complete and then restart the game. 

Solution 2: Check the integrity of these game files:

It is highly suggested to check the integrity of your game files, i.e., you have to check if any file is missing or corrupted. To check this, go through the guidelines below:

  • Open the “steam” then hit click on “library.”
  • Navigate “Valheim” in the left pane and right-click on it.
  • Select properties at the bottom.
  • Select “local files”.
  • Click on the “Verify the integrity of this game files.” 
  • Operate according to the given instructions and wait for it to complete.
  • When it is completed, run steam and Valheim. The concern may be resolved as expected.

Solution 3: Port Forwarding

Opening up more ports will provide you with greater access to the server. So, it is proposed to open more ports either using local port forwarding or remote port forwarding. You can opt for google to know different methods used for port forwarding.

Solution 4: Corrupted Valheim dedicated server and backup file

Even after following all these solutions, you still experiencing the ‘disconnected’ error. Then, you can simply delete the corrupted server file and the backup file. For this, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate in your computer,  


  • Check for the “Dedicated. DB” file, right-click and delete it.
  • After deleting it, locate” Dedicated.DB.backup” and copy (ctrl+C) it.
  • Rename to “Dedicated. DB” and then save it.
  • After doing all this, restart your PC, open steam, and run Valheim.

Solution 5: Windows firewall (or antivirus) problem

It is suggested that you turn off your windows defender as it interferes and stops unwanted and unauthorized processes. To deactivate it, follow the instructions:

  • Open settings either from the windows search bar or from the windows logo option.
  • Check update and security.
  • Open windows security.
  • Then, go to “firewall and network protection”.
  • Choose the currently active network
  • Turn off the windows defender firewall button.

Solution 6: Administrator protocol

Some apps need administrator access to work properly. Following are the guidelines for granting administrator access to Valheim:

  • Locate valheim.exe in the C drive disk.
  • Right-click and select properties at the bottom.
  • Select the “Run this Program as Administrator” 
  • Restart Valhiem and try to run it with the server.

Solution 7: Outdated network adapter driver

Since your error relates to a connectivity problem, possibly your problem occurs due to an outdated network adapter driver. Therefore it is necessary to update your network adapter driver. You can do so either by visiting your manufacturer’s website or using third-party software like Driver Easy.

Solution 8: Try Disabling IPv6

One of the solutions reported is disabling IPv6. Steps to be followed are described:

  • Open the control panel either through the windows search bar or through settings.
  • Then, go to “network and internet.”
  • Open “network and sharing “centre
  • Click “connections”
  • Select “properties.” 
  • Navigate Internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and uncheck it. Press ok. Now, you are good to go.


You should keep in mind that all these are just temporary solutions. We hope that Iron Gate AB developers will provide the official solution as they are well aware that their game is going through connectivity problems and working on it for sure.

If you liked this guide, then make sure to comment down your feeling using our comment box. Furthermore, if you want more such kind of troubleshooting guides, do check our website regularly. That’s all we have for you on how to fix the Valhiem dedicated server ‘Disconnected’ error. We hope this guide helped you.

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