How To Fix Fortnite Android Device Not Supported Error


Epic Game’s Fortnite is not supporting old mobile devices anymore. Are you getting this error message? 

Fortnite is an online video game available in three different modes, survival, battle royale, and sandbox. It is developed and published by Epic Games for various platforms, including Android. The best part is that it is free to download and install all the modes of games.

However, as we know, developers update the game from time to time to enhance the gaming environment, due to which old android devices become incompatible. Many android users who have downloaded Fortnite face difficulty in playing games due to its high resolution and graphics. But, not able to play our favorite game just because of an old device isn’t justice for us. But, don’t worry! Before uninstalling the game from your mobile, you will first try out these fixes mentioned in this article. Then, you will surely be able to enjoy the battle royale again. So, let’s get started.

How To Fix Fortnite Android Device Not Supported Error

Before we talk about the fixing process, let’s look at the required specs needed to run the game. Nevertheless, it is indispensable to know about Fortnite mobile minimum requirements. Most of the time, you will face this Fortnite android device not supported error if your android device is not fulfilling the following requirements:

Fortnite Mobile Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU: SD675+/Helio P70+/Kirin 710+ or Higher
  • GPU: Adreno 612+ and mali t880 and Mali-G71 and Mali-G72 and higher
  • Internal Storage: Minimum 10GB Free Space
  • Android Version: 5.1 and higher
  • RAM: 3GB+

Well, we cannot expect developers to reduce the graphic resolution and graphics of Fortnite. But still, Epic Games should definitely do something to make the android device compatible with Fortnite. But, when they did it, no one knows. So, until they do something, you can follow the steps mentioned below in order to fix the related error.

Fix 1: Download a Third-Party Tool to Fix the Issue

Many options are there is PlayStore which is absolutely a safe application to use. They are developed specifically for those android users who are facing Android devices not supported error in Fortnite. In order to download and install any related application to fix Fortnite, you can follow the following steps:

  • Open Playstore and Search for the GSM tool for Fortnite, or if you do not find any application from there. Then, Google it and download the Apk file
  • Now, open the application and make a couple of changes according to your hardware. Then, you can start playing Fortnite on your old Android devices.

GSM tool applications require Android Lollipop to run that are available in Playstore. It means that Android OS versions such as Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, KitKat, Honeycomb are not suitable for these applications. Therefore, only players with Android Lollipop, Oreo, Pie, and Nougat can take full advantage of this app. So, you can use it if you want to make your smartphone compatible with Fortnite.

Fix 2: Download The All Problem Fixed Apk

You can also download The All Problem Fixed Apk. To download and install it, you can follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Epic games website ( and sign in with your Epic Games account
  • Now, download The All Problem Fixed Apk and install Fortnite Apk.
  • After it gets downloaded, launch Fortnite and log in with your account
  • It will take 7.5 GB of data so use Wi-Fi
  • You should make sure that the internet connection is stable and has a high-speed network to download it fast

Now, you can play Fortnite on your mobile device without receiving any error.

So, these were useful applications developed only for old android users who are facing Fortnite Android device not supported error.


Fortnite has become very popular and successful in very little time. Millions of players play it all over the world. It is available on various platforms; therefore, you can play Fortnite on other platforms, including on android devices. Anyway, you can download any applications like the GSM tool to make your device compatible with Fortnite and fix Android device not supported error.

That’s it for this guide. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you. Follow us for more content. Also, comment below if you have any queries.

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