How to Delete a Character | Outriders


Outriders is one of the best science-fiction and role-playing-game among young players. It facilitates the player to use multiple characteristics as well as abilities in the game. Here, the best thing is you can customize your Character from a variety of choices available in the game. However, you can create a maximum of 6 in-game characters; after that, you will not be allowed to create any. 

If you wish to create a new character, you will need to delete a character before proceeding with creation, as the limit is 6. Sadly, you will not be able to find any help regarding ‘How to Delete Character’ in the guide book the game itself. No need to panic about this, we have come up with a tutorial in which you will find all the steps to delete characters in Outriders.

How to Delete a Character | Outriders

If you wish to create a new character in the game and Outriders don’t allow you to do so, then follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to create another character of your choice by deleting one of the previously created ones:

  1. Get into the game lobby or game menu(if you are already in the game, then tap Esc from your keyboard and select ‘Return to Lobby’ followed by ‘E’ to confirm)
  2. Navigate ‘Character Management Screen'(search your screen you will find it)
  3. After this, get to the ‘Character Change Option’.
  4. On your screen, you can find six slots for characters. Further, on the same screen, you can get an option to create a character too.
  5. Place the cursor of your mouse on the Character you wish to eliminate. Mark your selection by right-clicking on the Character.
  6. Fix your mouse’s cursor on the selected profile and proceed with tapping and holding the delete button for a while.
  7. Finally, you have deleted the Character of your choice. Furthermore, tap on the option to create a new character of your choice( Refer to Step 4).
  8. That’s it; now you have deleted as well as creating a character of your desire.

Deleting Character will Lead to Loss of Collected Item

Many of you might be thinking about whether deleting a character will remove all the collected items or not. So we have answered your major question. If you don’t move all your items in the vault before deleting the Character, you will lose all of them. It is advised to all the players that they should move all the collected items in the stash in order to safeguard them, else everything is going to be eliminated along with the Character. 

Hence, safeguard your items and assure yourself by verifying ones because it becomes very difficult to recollect the rare and legendary items of the game, nearly impossible. Our tutorial regarding ‘How to Delete a Character in Outriders’ comes to an end. Nevertheless, to say, follow your Gaming Guide and regularly visit for new updated tips and tricks. For more gaming stuff, bookmark your favorite book TheGamingBook

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