How to Create Fireworks in Valheim


Valheim is an exciting survival moreover sandbox video game. Valheim was created by Swedish developers known as Iron Gate studios and was published on the 2nd of February in 2021 by Coffee Stain Studios, and it has been one of the most popular games so far in 2021. Fireworks in the world of Valheim are similar to emotes or cosmetics of other popular games. The fireworks in Valheim depict the celebration of your victory.

The players are getting confused while creating fireworks in the world of Valheim. However, it is very easy to deploy in your village. Further, if you want to seek help through this, then go thoroughly with this article. The player can ensure the firework in their party right from the beginning of the gameplay. So let’s get to the point:

How to Create Fireworks in Valheim

Unlike everything else in the world of Valheim, you do not need to craft fireworks in a typical style. Moreover, fireworks are not likely to be carried around or stored in your chests. Well, when you place a Surtling Core inside of a fire, then due to immediate reaction, firework appears up in the sky. Obviously, you will need a source of fire, like a bonfire, campfire, or health, and most importantly, a Surtling Core.

Burial Chambers in the Black Forest are one of the precise locations to find out the Surtling Core. Surtling Core is dropped occasionally dropped in the Swamp biome also. Surtlings have extreme importance in starting the game, just after beginning for crafting your smelters and kilns. You will need them while creating portals between two bases as well as while crafting tools and weapons. So it is advisable not to use all of them in celebrations.

How to Launch Fireworks in Valheim

After collecting all the required ingredients, cross-verify that you have not needed any Surtling Cores for any of your future projects. Now you are ready to launch your firework. Unfortunately, it would be best if you waited till night time to fire the Core in order to get the most significant effect. Prepare for the firework by adding Core to your hot bar and using it while starring at the lit fire.

Once the light is faded, then your celebration with fireworks will come spark in the sky. Further, you can keep the party going by throwing one Scurtling Core in the fire and keep on repeating this until you are satisfied. Before throwing Scurtling, remember they are rare to find and can be used multi-functionally.

This is all we are having so far for Crafting the Fireworks in Valheim. Furthermore, you can use our comments option to ask your doubts and queries; we will be happy to help you out. If you are still struggling in the world of Valheim, then be assured to read all the tips and tricks in our The Gaming Book.


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