How To Climb Walls in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a wildly famous game all around the world and known for its systems, the whole cycle of preparation, execution, and reward. The compelling experience makes people spend hundreds of hours drowning in the game. As poetic as it sounds, this adventurous game will take you on a thrilling journey where the monsters will try to stop you by risking your life!!

However, the most challenging thing people face in the game is climbing the walls. Yes, you heard us right. Most people are not aware of how to keep climbing the slippery vicarious walls of the monster land. Are you facing the same? Well, to make the task way easier and adventurous for you, here are some following ways to climb the wall. So, follow the guide carefully to know how to Climb Walls in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Climb Walls in Monster Hunter Rise

If you really wish to know about the methods in order to climb a wall in Monster Hunter Rise, then read this guide till the end, and you will find everything you require to know to climb walls. Here are some methods using which you can easily climb up the walls in Monster Hunter Rise.

#1 Vertical scaling

Vertical walls are for those who want to get their breath of the wild on. So Basically, just climb as high as you possibly can. It should go without saying, if you want to do a lot of climbing, you have to make sure that you grab at least three spare wire boxes. However, there are a couple of different ways so let’s see what are those.

#2 Old run jump and wire bug scale

This is quite an interesting method, as it sounds. You just have to wire bug zip towards a wall and hold down the R button by pressing up. Hence, you will begin running up the wall. However, If you input left or right, you will start wall running in that commanded direction, so if you want to go up, make sure to push up. In doing so, make sure you recharge your stamina every time so that you can follow the wall climbing respectively.

#3 Hang and climb

This is similar to the former: if you want to run up higher or want to rely on your stamina, the prominent option for you to do is make the backflip and when your energy level is low, always press A. Now you will find yourself in mid-air, where you can hang on wire and climb up the wall.

#4 ZL+ ZR

This key gives you more freedom to your wire works; for that, you can press ZL and A to put yourself across the ground automatically.

  • ZL and X will naturally put you into the sky, or you will always have an option to hold down ZL and aim with the right analogue stick and press ZR for complete freedom.
  • However, it’s more challenging to use, so you can choose ZL+ ZR to point exactly where you wanna go.

#5 Bomb spacing

If you genuinely want to lengthen the duration of you holding up in the sky, then don’t forget to make sure the bomb is selected on your item wheel. Then, further, you can press Y and watch yourself in mid-air to throw a bomb on the given target. Therefore, it will put you longer in the air and might give you a bit of stamina.

Bottom line 

“Monster Hunter Rise”, as per the name sounds, the game is precisely the same. After the requests you have made to us, we finally came forward with a solution to climbing those thrilling walls. In the above article, we have mentioned every possible step of how you can climb the wall more easily. With the given words, some keys describe every action made by the player; it obviously means that it is a key to climb your destination in the monster world, so don’t keep yourself waiting; go play a smooth and adventurous run to the game. That’s all we have for you on how to Climb Walls in Monster Hunter Rise. If you find this guide helpful, then show some love in the comment section.


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