How to Beat the Ghost in Valheim


Ghosts of Valheim resides in the Burial Chambers found in the Black Forest. Ghost of Valheim is similar to the ghost of stories that you have heard from your grand-maa before going to bed; they are aggressive enough and destructive as well. But you can loot multiple items if you successfully defeat them.

It is really surprising and exciting when you come across the Ghosts, however, many of you are unaware of the methodology to defeat them, indeed many of you don’t have any idea regarding the spawning item. This guide is for you only because here, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Ghosts in Valheim.

How to Beat the Ghost in Valheim

Before getting into Burial Chambers of Black Forest, you must gather detailed information about ghosts, most importantly their weakness. The easiest way to encounter the ghosts in Valheim is to shoot them down using fire arrows. Moreover, Ghosts don’t possess enough HP so your two-three arrows will definitely put them on the ground.

In order to invent a fire arrow, you need to have the appropriate number of crafting materials such as:

  • Wood x 8
  • Resin x 8
  • Feathers x 2

You can easily locate and collect wood from trees, stumps, or branches in Valheim’s world. Did you remember Greydwarfs? If not so then go through my previous posts and you will get to know about them. In short, Greydwarfs are the adult version of Graylings. Usually, they wander at night for their prey. You can collect Resins from them. In the real world, Feathers are normally collected from birds. Similarly, in Valheim, you need to shoot down some birds to get feathers. Combine these ingredients to craft Fire arrows and use them against ghosts of Valheim.

Alternatively, you can equip any weapon that deals spirit damage. Specifically, only three weapons deal Spirit damage and are Silver Sword, Silver Arrows, and Frostner. Use any of these against ghosts. Be cautious, we are warning ahead not to use any elemental weapon that deals with Poison attacks. The poison acts as immune to the Ghosts and provides more strength. Hence your resource will get wasted without any profitable job done. Don’t say afterward that we haven’t told this to you.

Drops From the Ghosts in Valheim

If you’re one of the curious players, who are eagerly waiting to know about the drops of the Ghosts in the game, Sadly, developers haven’t created any such drops, at least not for early access versions till the time of writing. We need to wait patiently for such an update because it’s confirmed to get benefits for killing Ghosts but will take time to come into effect.

Ultimately, you are now familiar with the Ghosts and the strategies needed to beat them. Now our guide needs some rest and will revert to you soon with some modern resolution of modern problems. However, you can comment down your doubts or queries, and your favorite guide will gladly reply to you with an alternative.

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