Will there be a Higurashi Gou Season 2?

Since their first premiere, Higurashi Gou has found to be a merry-go-round for the lovers of the franchise during the semi-lockdown in October 2020. Higurashi Gou means ‘Shikada when they Cry’ and is the developer of this anime is 07th Expansion. However, Higurashi Gou falls under the Visual novel category.

The official website had announced a total of 24 episodes for this series but by the ventilations of episode 23. It is looking somehow absurd for the story to sum up in just 1 episode. The time duration isn’t enough to wrap the whole story. Anyhow now we are left with a suspicious question. Because we aren’t able to sleep, is Higurashi Gou Season 2 on its path to arrive very soon? Let’s have the spoiler below for Higurashi Franchise:

Will there be a Higurashi Gou Season 2?

One of the most exciting and marking Higurashi Gou differently is the story play that is not identical to any other. Further, the screenplay is exceptionally superb which is not happening for us to imagine the next scene. We are having no clues for where it is going to conclude. A companion Manga is all set to produce the novel but the print will be available after the anime. Thereafter, leaving no clues for their lovers whether they will come back with Higurashi Gou Season 2 or not.

However, the suspense created in episode 23 needs appreciation from the bottom of the heart, unexpected. At the closing of episode 22, the screenplay had made sure that the story would sum up in the next two episodes. The realization about the close circle of Satoko will collect the maximum possible memories with every her loops, but this activity has thrown a piece of twist in the game.

Teppei’s strategy to inhabit Rika into Hinamizawa is to loop over again and again. However, the last episode telecasted with Satoko misusing her looping ability to attain victory in a simple card memorization game. Undoubtedly, Teppei’s move has taught us a lesson concerning our life that anyone can stand against you if their memory is triggered in a particular loop.

Final Commitment

Anyways, these back-to-back twists have made us believe that this season is not going to wrap-up in a single episode. The possibilities are either more episodes are waiting to be released without their prior listings, or the season will wrap with an episode 24. Higurashi season 2 will play on-screen either just after Season 1, or they will wait for hiatus. Higurashi Gou may end their season technically with their episode 24. After a while, they may revert back with a new series along with the conclusion of the Satokowashi-hen arc.


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