Best Builds to Beat Hades

If you are playing Hades and struggling to beat the final bosses, i.e., beat Hades, well, these best builds will definitely put an end to difficulties. Moreover, these builds will help you escape the underworld. Walls of the underworld are continually shifting in Hades, and there are rules of regularity for governing them. 

Well, if you want to beat Hades with the best Build, you can try to change the rules yourself. Here we have with us some of the best builds that will help you to beat Hades. Now let’s get started.

Best Builds to Beat Hades

Best Builds to Beat Hades

A great Hades build is a foundation of three-parts. You will always need a weapon and two Olympians. And, different Olympians have different energy synthesizes. Now, those energy synthesizes react differently to firearms.

When you get the three perfect combinations, you can truly become an impossible hero and thus beat Hades. However, to beat Hades, you will need the best builds, which we have discussed below.

Zeus, Poseidon, and Malphon

In Aspect of the Demeter, these are twin fists. Moreover, their Giga Cutter is savage and can throw the enemies floating. If you wish to combine the Fists with Poseidon’s knockback boons along with the Razor Shoals Boon, it will drastically rupture the knocked down enemies.

You can also remove enemies from one side of the room to another or right into the wall for bonus damage. Finally, an add on Zeus’ Thunder Dash can make you a terrific missile, thus, zooming around the field and killing enemies. 

Dionysus, Coronacht, and Artemis

The heart seeking bow and the Artemis is a great match. However, throwing the God of Wine into this turn this overwhelming. Coronacht’s Aspect of Hera allows loading projectiles into the arrows to fire them. Besides, combining both damages simultaneously.

Also, most of the ranged attacks work great with these. Still, Dionysus’ Trippy Shot creates a massive cloud of poison effect in the air. Now you can pair that with Artemis and Quickly Reload in order to get the crystals back. 

Athena, Aegis, and Ares

Ares and Athena are one better than the other duo kind. Any attack with Athena’s Deflection can automatically trigger Ares’ Doom Effect. This makes them one of the other. Also, if you can manage to land a lot of hits quickly, then there will be a lot of Doom at once. Now, if you want the Sheild of Chaos with the Aspect of Zeus, this special combo throws the shield out while dealing constant damage in its route. 

At last, if you have Athena’s Special Boon and Ares’s attack boon, you can also throw the shield at enemies and start hunting them. Nevertheless, your attack will cast Doom along with the shield activating it simultaneously. Apart from this, if you wish to use this technique with single enemies, it can turn out to be devastating. 

Well, that’s all you need to know about the best Build to beat Hades. Check out our YouTube Channel for more gaming guides. 

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