How to Get Freezer Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

Freezer Sac will undoubtedly be used to craft some ice cold weapons and armor, making it a highly sought-after material in Monster Hunter Rise. You can obtain Freezer sac by chasing giant monsters, much like the rest of its ‘Sac’ relatives, while the first one will appear in 4* Low Rank quests. You can see which monster we’re talking about down below.

How to Get Freezer Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

You would assume a monster found in the Frost Islands to be the owner of such an object based on the word ‘Frost,’ and you would be entirely right. The monster you’re looking for is the classic Barioth, which is a dangerous monster to say the least. A Barioth is not to be underestimated, with deadly fangs and a speed that matches its imposing appearance.

While the chances of having a Frost Sac from it aren’t bad, the monster’s difficulty level makes it difficult to obtain this content. Low Rank Barioth, particularly for newcomers to the series, can be extremely difficult to defeat. Especially if you need to farm a large number of them to get the required amount of Sacs. Since there are a lot of crafted things in Monster Hunter Rise that need this as an ingredient. Unlimately, you’ll have to practice this battle a little bit to grind efficiently.

On the other hand, Frost Sac has a higher risk of dropping if you catch Barioth rather than slay it. So you can do that to improve your odds of having one as a bonus reward. When you acquire a monster, not all monsters have bonus chances for dropped objects, so make the most of it. Best of luck on your hunts, and don’t forget to carry any Fire arrows with you.

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If you are among the fan base of adventurous games, then definitely you’re going to love this game. One of the significant factors that hold the game to stand out from the gathering is its graphics. However, if you are also amidst the one who is still planning to buy this game for your Console. We would highly recommend you grab the beast as soon as possible to possess a seamless gaming experience. 

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